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ACB-Algo-Descrip.txt15k2003-07-13ACB information by George Buyanovsky
APPNOTE.ZIP11k2003-07-13APPNOTE - ZIP format description.
ArithmeticCodingBijective.zip30k2003-07-13Bijective Arithmetic Encoding with Optimal End Treatment, Matt Timmermans, Sept. 1999
ELSCODER.PDF205k2003-07-13'The ELS-coder: A rapid entropy coder' by Douglas Withers
GrV00.text_indexing.zip215k2003-07-13Compressed Suffix,Arrays,Suffix Trees, with Applications to Text Indexing
HLV94.motion_compensation.zip154k2003-07-13Explicit Bit Minimization for Motion-Compensated Video Coding, D. T. Hoang,
HLV97.cost_measures.zip742k2003-07-13Efficient Cost Measures for Motion Compensation at Low Bit Rates, D. T. Hoang,
HLV98.lexicographic.zip989k2003-07-13Lexicographic Bit Allocation for MPEG Video, D. T. Hoang, E. Linzer,
HLV98.optimizations.zip1221k2003-07-13Rate-Distortion Optimizations for Motion Estimation in Low-Bitrate Video Coding,
HLV99.partial_matching.zip148k2003-07-13Dictionary Selection using Partial Matching, D. T. Hoang, P. M. Long and
HoV92.actech.zip287k2003-07-13Practical Implementations of Arithmetic Coding, P. G. Howard and J. S. Vitter
HoV92.wetech.zip218k2003-07-13Analysis of Arithmetic Coding for Data Compression, P. G. Howard
HoV93.fitech.zip172k2003-07-13Fast and Efficient Lossless Image Compression, P. G. Howard and J. S. Vitter
HoV93.qtfull.zip218k2003-07-13Design and Analysis of Fast Text Compression Based on Quasi-Arithmetic Coding,
HoV94.arithmetic_coding.zip201k2003-07-13Arithmetic Coding for Data Compression, P. G. Howard and J. S. Vitter
HoV94.progressive_FELICS.zip1017k2003-07-13Fast Progressive Lossless Image Compression, P. G. Howard and J. S. Vitter.
HoV95.pdcfull.zip162k2003-07-13Parallel Lossless Image Compression Using Huffman and Arithmetic Coding,
HoV95.vifull.zip200k2003-07-13Error Modeling for Hierarchical Lossless Image Compression, P. G. Howard Compression via Alphabet Re-representation, P. M. Long,
LV92.vector_quantization.zip162k2003-07-13Nearly Optimal Vector Quantization via Linear Programming, J.-H. Lin
LZWEXP.ARJ6k2003-07-13LZW and GIF explained by Steve Blackstock 1988
NARC30.LZH54k2003-07-13NARC v3.0 1989 - zip - A STAND-ALONE DE-ARCHIVE UTILITY by Gary Conway
OneToOneHufffman.zip9k2003-07-13Creating a 'One to One' Adaptive Huffman Compression/Decompression Program for the real world of 8 bit byte files by David A. Scott
ROSS.ZIP172k2003-07-13ROSS N. WILLIAMS WWW PAGE 1997 with sources LZRW1..5 and patent articles
Vit87.jacm.zip240k2003-07-13Design and Analysis of Dynamic Huffman Codes, J. S. Vitter,
Vit89.algojournal.zip109k2003-07-13Document on 'ALGORITHM 673 Dynamic Huffman Coding', J. S. Vitter (PDF)