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7za_dll_230b28.zip178k2003-06-257z Library 2.30 Beta 28
7zip_sources230b24source.tar.bz2362k2003-06-257-Zip 2.30 Beta 24 sources
BWTarticle.zip50k2003-06-25Data Compression with the Burrows-Wheeler Transform by Mark Nelson
LZap0200.zip86k2003-06-25LZap - A File Compressor - v 0.20.0 BETA Source and Executables (DOS)
adaphuff.zip7k2003-06-25Charles Bloom's Adaptive Huffman Program.
ah1.zip53k2003-06-25Basic adaptive huffman compression files by Hal Burch, Sept 16, 1996
ah2.zip91k2003-06-25Adaptive huffman compression by Hal Burch, revised September 22,1999.
ah2a.zip60k2003-06-25David' Scott's FOCUSED ADAPTIVE HUFFMAN COMPRESSION September 23,1999
ah2aa.zip84k2003-06-25David' Scott's SUBSET ONE TO ONE HUFFMAN COMPRESSION September 23,1999
ah2af.zip116k2003-06-25David' Scott's CONDITIONAL UNADULTERATED HUFFMAN COMPRESSIONS December 29,1999
ah2x.zip68k2003-06-25David' Scott's CONDITIONED HUFFMAN COMPRESSION September 23,1999
ah3.zip56k2003-06-25Alternate adaptive huffman compressionby byHal Burch, revised Sept. 22,1999.
arib.zip134k2003-06-25David' Scott's BIJECTIVE ARITHMETIC COMPRESSION
arib62.zip69k2003-06-25David' Scott's NEW STYLE BIJECTIVE ARITHMETIC COMPRESSION
biacode.zip523k2003-06-25Bijective Arithmetic Encoding with Optimal End Treatment, Matt Timmermans, Sept. 1999
bicom101.zip102k2003-06-25BICOM BIjective COMpressor Matt Timmermans, October 26, 2000
bit_bij.zip192k2003-06-25David' Scott's NEW STYLE BIJECTIVE ARITHMETIC COMPRESSION
bit_bij1.zip65k2003-06-25David' Scott's NEW STYLE BIJECTIVE ARITHMETIC COMPRESSION
bwtcode.zip22k2003-06-25Data Compression with the Burrows-Wheeler Transform by Mark Nelson
bwtdsc.zip269k2003-06-25SCOTT's 'DSC' data sensitive combiner
bwtrle.zip93k2003-06-25David' Scott's UNADULTERATED RLE COMPRESSIONS
cacm.zip6k2003-06-25Statistical coder from Charles Bloom: CACM-87 Arithmetic Encoding (ANSI)
huff.tar.gz16k2003-06-25Adaptive Huffman Encoding
huffman.zip13k2003-06-25Statistical huffman coder from Charles Bloom: Two-Pass Huffman (Amiga)
macm.zip8k2003-06-25Statistical coder from Charles Bloom: MACM-96 Arithmetic Encoding (ANSI)
mtfrleq.zip122k2003-06-25David's View of BWT (Burrows Wheeler Transform) in Compression before
predictr.zip2k2003-06-25Statistical coder: Predictor, by Dave Rand
rleexta.zip157k2003-06-25David' Scott's UNADULTERATED RLE COMPRESSIONS
rushuf1.zip47k2003-06-25MODED FAST RUSSIAN HUFFMAN CODE - shcodec v1.0 - Simakov Alexander, january 2002
shanfano.zip4k2003-06-25Statistical coder from Charles Bloom: Shannon/Fano Coding (Amiga) 1994
unarj243_src.exe58k2003-06-25UNARJ version 2.43
unarj263.exe96k2003-06-25UNARJ version 2.63
virtskew.zip3k2003-06-25Statistical coder from Charles Bloom: Skew Coder with Virtual Queue (Amiga)
zzip-zzlib-src.zip70k2003-06-25Zzip Archiver using a BWT algorithm to achieve superior compression by 1999-2001 Damien Debin