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1czip450.exe449k2003-07-131st Choice Zip v4.50 - Windows Explorer-like Zip Archiver Shell
32lite.zip99k2003-07-1332LiTE v0.02d - Executable packer for 32-bit DOS executables
4arjfast.zip4k2003-07-134ARJFAXT & ARJFACFG - Speeds up ARJ packing under 4DOS
4dizzy96.zip55k2003-07-134dizzy v0.96 - File_id.diz extractor for DOS and OS/2
624-11.zip18k2003-07-13624 v1.1 - COM program packer
777004b1.zip73k2003-07-13777 v0.04 beta 1 - Experimental version of UFA Archiver
7z230b29.exe1117k2003-07-137-ZIP Archiver v2.30 beta 29 - Command line file archiver
7zip224.exe463k2003-07-137-ZIP Archiver 2.24 - Command line file archiver for Win32
a3_v500.exe483k2003-07-13A3 v5.00 - Archive Shell (in German)
aapr.zip671k2003-07-13 Advanced ARJ Password Recovery v2.0
aax.zip190k2003-07-13AAX Compression Engine v1.1
abc23.zip52k2003-07-13ABC v2.3 - Archiver for Win32
abcmp206.zip63k2003-07-13ABComp v2.06 - File Compressor
abridge6.zip209k2003-07-13ARJ-Bridge v6.0 - German ARJ Shell
ac30.zip24k2003-07-13Anti-Crypt v0.30 - Executable files unpacker
ac311.zip119k2003-07-13Archive Converter v3.11
acb_200c.zip42k2003-07-13ACB v2.00c - Russian Packer
acdzip.exe3147k2003-07-13ACDZip v1.0 - Compression util for Win32 by ACDSee makers
ace.zip3k2003-07-13MultiArc support for the ACE archiver for FAR manager
ace12b.exe506k2003-07-13ACE v1.2b - DOS/Win95 archiver from Germany (in ACE-SFX form)
ace12b.zip681k2003-07-13ACE v1.2b - DOS/Win95 archiver from Germany
ace202.exe587k2003-07-13ACE Archiver v2.02 - Command line version
ace204.zip242k2003-07-13ACE/2 archiver v2.04 for OS/2
acepr.zip578k2003-07-13 Advanced ACE Password Recovery v1.01 for Win32
act-27.zip46k2003-07-13Archive Comparison Table v27
act50wb3.zip309k2003-07-13ACT v2 - Archive Comparison Test - May 2002 (in Quattro Pro format)
act50xls.zip348k2003-07-13ACT v2 - Archive Comparison Test - May 2002 (in XLS form)
actest41.zip36k2003-07-13A.C.T. - Archive Comparison Test - September 1998 (in TXT form)
actest47.zip243k2003-07-13ACT v2 - Archive Comparison Test - March 2000 (in HTML form)
actfiles.zip1454k2003-07-13A.C.T. - Testing Files
acvt_dos.zip43k2003-07-13ACVT v1.20 - Archive Converter for DOS (16-bit)
acvt_gui.zip439k2003-07-13ACVT v1.20 - Archive Converter for Win32 (GUI)
acvt_o16.zip31k2003-07-13ACVT v1.10 - Archive Converter for OS/2 (16-bit)
acvt_o32.zip35k2003-07-13ACVT v1.10 - Archive Converter for OS/2 (32-bit)
acvt_pm.zip55k2003-07-13ACVT v1.20 - Archive Converter for DOS (32-bit)
acvt_win.zip47k2003-07-13ACVT v1.20 - Archive Converter for Win32 (console)
aczar210.zip321k2003-07-13 ACZAR v2.10 for DOS - Archive Shell
aczar95.exe938k2003-07-13 ACZAR95 beta5 - Archive Shell
aczaw310.zip1202k2003-07-13 ACZAR v3.10 for Windows - Archive Shell
ad2zip11.zip30k2003-07-13ADD2ZIP v1.1 - Adds a specified file to all ZIP/ARJ files in the current directory
addzip06.zip478k2003-07-13addZIP Compression Libraries v0.6 - Windows compression libs
afarc133.zip841k2003-07-13Automatic File Archiver v1.33 - Compression / Backup util for Win32
afi120.zip78k2003-07-13AFI v1.2 - Archive File Inspector for BAT's
ahcr_200.zip20k2003-07-13AHCR v2.00 - EXE Unpacker
ai11.zip37k2003-07-13Ai Archiver v1.1 - 32bit data compression util for Win9x
ain232.exe137k2003-07-13AIN v2.32 - Archiver
ainpswd.rar2k2003-07-13AIN archive password finder
akt070b5.zip19k2003-07-13AKT v.70 beta 5 - Compressor from Hungary (without dox)
akt32.zip31k2003-07-13AKT32 v.70 beta 7 - 32-bit version of compressor from Hungary
alex60.exe2426k2003-07-13Aladdin Expander v6.0 - A file decompression util for Win32
allzip.zip4k2003-07-13ALLZIP v1.0 - ZIP utility
am113.zip220k2003-07-13ArcMaster v11.3
amg22src.zip65k2003-07-13AMGC v2.2 - Source code
amgc22.zip29k2003-07-13AMGC v2.2 - Packer
amgc23.zip119k2003-07-13AMGC v2.3 - Freeware packer modified by D.Paehl
amw16.zip180k2003-07-13ArcMaster for Windows v1.6
anti144.zip85k2003-07-13AntiAd v1.44 - The ultimate BBS ad detection and removal utility
antilz.zip22k2003-07-13ANTI-UNLZEXE - LZEXE packed files protector
apack099.zip66k2003-07-13aPACK v0.99b - Executable packer
apak10.zip28k2003-07-13APAK v1.0 - Russian Archive Shell
aplib036.zip133k2003-07-13aPLIB v0.36b - Compression library
appnote.zip16k2003-07-13Description of ZIP format by PkWare
ar002.zip28k2003-07-13AR v0.02 - Archiver by Haruhiko Okumara
ar712.zip20k2003-07-13AR7 v1.2 - Archiver with BIN/ASCII conversion
ar_110.zip28k2003-07-13AR v1.10 - Archiver by H.Okumara modified by T.Melconian
arc-id20.zip63k2003-07-13Archive ID v2.0 - File identifier
arc2arc.zip38k2003-07-13ARC2ARC v1.2 - RAR/ZIP/ARJ/LZH command-line converter
arc602.exe135k2003-07-13ARC v6.02 - Older packer
arca129.zip10k2003-07-13ARCA v1.29 by V.Buerg
arcctl21.zip165k2003-07-13Archive Control Centre for Win3.1
arcdet11.zip15k2003-07-13Archive Determinate v1.1 - BAT utility
arcdf153.zip1239k2003-07-13ArcDiff v1.5.3 - Win32 tool to compare contents of ZIP, LZH, CAB and RAR archives without melting
arce41a.zip10k2003-07-13ARCE v4.1a by V.Buerg
arch.zip28k2003-07-13ARCH v2.1 - PkZip based back-up utility
arch103.zip1135k2003-07-13Archive Utility v1.03 - Archive and Directory List Generator for Win32
arch10a.zip70k2003-07-13Multics Archive Command for OS/2 v1.0 - Archiver
archivar.zip1440k2003-07-13PDG ARCHIVARIUS v1.1.4 - Archive manager for Win9x/NT/2000
archive.zip237k2003-07-13Archives Manager for Win95 - Archives shell
archpr.zip908k2003-07-13 Advanced Archive Password Recovery (ZIP,ARJ,RAR,ACE) v2.20 for Win32
archv10.zip320k2003-07-13Scorpion's Archive Applications for Win32 - Archive Shell
archv58b.exe712k2003-07-13Archivers v5.8 - Archivers user interface for Windows 3.1/95
archw103.zip240k2003-07-13Archiver for Windows v1.03
arcid104.zip8k2003-07-13ArcID v1.04 by QuickSoft - Archive identifier
arcid125.zip50k2003-07-13Archive Identifier v1.25
arclds.zip19k2003-07-13Archive List and Date Stamp - DOS utility
arclist2.zip25k2003-07-13Archive Lister v2.0beta (RAR,ARJ,ZIP,LZH+SFX)
arcon2_k.zip63k2003-07-13ARCON v2.K - Automatic Archive Format Converter
arcpk12.zip94k2003-07-13Archive Peek v1.2 - File finder inside archives
arcpk95.zip514k2003-07-13Archive Peek v2.2 for Win95 - File finder inside archives
arcsrc.zip28k2003-07-13ARCSRC v1.02a - Archive file searcher
arcv10b.zip18k2003-07-13Archive Viewer v1.00 Beta by Dr.Destiny
arcv_7_1.zip88k2003-07-13ARCview v7.1 - Russian Archive Viewer
arcv_7_2.zip70k2003-07-13ARCview v7.2 OS/2 Executable of Russian archive viewer
arcw6m12.zip44k2003-07-13Archivist v1.22 for MS Word - Compress utility
arcx30.zip885k2003-07-13Archive Explorer v3.0 - ZIP/CAB Manipulation Util for Win32
arcxl5.zip135k2003-07-13Archivist v1.22 for MS Excel - Compress utility
arg.zip16k2003-07-13ARG v1.00.001 beta - DOS Archiver (Static Huffman) with source
arh140.zip50k2003-07-13ARHANGEL v1.40 - New packer by George Lyapko
arh323.zip52k2003-07-13ARH v3.23 - Archive Viewer (Russian dox)
arin116.zip14k2003-07-13ARIN v1.16 - Archive unpack/search utility
arj20v11.zip10k2003-07-13ARJ 2000 - ARJ Shell for MS-DOS
arj281a.exe481k2003-07-13ARJ v2.81a - File archiver for DOS
arj2_278.exe263k2003-07-13ARJ for OS/2 v2.78
arj2_310.exe205k2003-07-13ARJ32 for OS/2 v3.10
arj2r278.exe271k2003-07-13ARJ for OS/2 v2.78 (Russian Edition)
arj32v3r.exe468k2003-07-13ARJ32 v3.10a - File archiver for Win32
arjdoc12.zip378k2003-07-13ARJ Doc v1.2 - Help file reference for ARJ v2.50a
arjhdr.zip13k2003-07-13ARJ Hdr v1.1 - Tool to add comments to ARJ archives
arjl365u.exe540k2003-07-13ArjFolder v3.65 - Win95/98/NT ARJ shell
arjm500.exe436k2003-07-13ARJ-Manager v5.00 - German ARJ Shell
arjshl12.zip399k2003-07-13ARJ Shell v1.2 - Decompression ARJ Shell for Win95/NT
arjvw161.zip183k2003-07-13ARJ Viewer v1.61
arjx17.zip27k2003-07-13ARJX v1.7 - Freeware ARJ unpacker and SFX maker
arjz015.zip259k2003-07-13ARJZ v0.15 alpha - Russian improved ARJ packer
ark101.zip45k2003-07-13Ark v1.101 - COM archiver and EXE 2 COM converter
armenu12.zip14k2003-07-13ARMENU v1.2 - Archiver's shell for DOS
arpa_12.zip26k2003-07-13ARPA v1.2 - ARJ support utility
arpr.zip651k2003-07-13Advanced RAR Password Recovery v1.12
arq32.zip48k2003-07-13ARQ Crusher! Archive Utility v3.2
ars.zip17k2003-07-13ARS v2.1.1 - SFX file archiver by Stepanyuk Oleg
artest24.zip1031k2003-07-13The Art Of Lossless Data Compression - 24th release of the monthly published lossless compressors test
artst_24.zip263k2003-07-13The Art Of Lossless Data Compression - Short version of 24th release of the monthly published lossless compressors test
arx100.zip21k2003-07-13ARX v1.00 - U.S. Packer
as12.zip615k2003-07-13Archive Searcher v1.2 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Util for searching files in a ZIP, RAR, ACE and CAB archives
asd014.exe179k2003-07-13ASD - Archiver v0.1.4 by Tobias Svensson
asd_linx.zip72k2003-07-13ASD for Linux - Archiver by Tobias Svensson
ashell63.zip1913k2003-07-13Archiver Shell v6.3 for Win95/98/NT
ashl1332.zip323k2003-07-13ArjShell v1.3 - 32-bit ARJ shell program
asp100.zip40k2003-07-13Archivating Service Program v1.00
aspck212.zip295k2003-07-13ASPack v2.12 - Advanced Win32 Executable File Compressor
at830.zip148k2003-07-13ARCTOOL v8.30 - Archive manager
au202.zip48k2003-07-13Archive Utilities v2.02
aup.rar8k2003-07-13AUP v1.0 beta - Universal Executable Unpacker
autocomp.zip15k2003-07-13AutoCompress - Tool for evaluation of the file(s) compressability
av911.zip139k2003-07-13Archive directory viewer v9.11
avpck122.zip24k2003-07-13AVPACK v1.22 - EXE/COM Compression Program from Russia
ax_11252.zip1474k2003-07-13ArchiveXpert v1.1.2.52 - Archive utility for Win95-XP
axe.zip13k2003-07-13AXE v2.2 - Program compression utility
axsetup.exe306k2003-07-13Archive Explorer v1.5 - Compression util for Win9x/NT/2K
azip.zip106k2003-07-13Alchemy ZIP v1.0 - ZIP/unZIP utility for Win9x/NT
azp32v43.exe770k2003-07-13AutoZip98 v4.3 - Tool for extracting zip files directly from Netscape/MSIE
azpr.zip760k2003-07-13 Advanced ZIP Password Recovery v3.54
azpzip.zip259k2003-07-13Active Zipper Pro - Compression/decompression utility
azr153.zip791k2003-07-13Advanced Zip Repairer v1.53 for Win32
aztouch2.zip17k2003-07-13AZTOUCH v2.0 - Comment/redate/test ARJ & ZIP files
ba101br5.zip61k2003-07-13BA v1.01 beta rev.5 - Blocksorting Arithmetic Compressor
bcomp.zip54k2003-07-13BCOMP v0.1 - Command-line version of LZW based packer
bdsap.zip22k2003-07-13BDSAP - Small and fast SFX file creator (OS/2)
bee074.rar179k2003-07-13BEE v0.7.4 - Context mixing method based archiver for Win32
belon.zip148k2003-07-13Belon - Japanese file compressor with GUI for Windows
berar271.zip254k2003-07-13RAR v2.71 for BeOS - Archiver
bicom101.zip102k2003-07-13BICOM v1.01 - Bijective compressor
bioarc19.zip1558k2003-07-13BioArc v1.9 - Archive manager optimized for text/office documents, executable and MP3 files
bitlin.lzh55k2003-07-13Bitmap Liner for Windows v1.00e - LHA.DLL Utility
bitzip33.exe2090k2003-07-13BitZipper v3.3 for Win9x/NT - Zip/Unzip util
bix100b7.zip89k2003-07-13BIX Archiver v1.00 Beta 7 - Command Line File Archiver for Win95/98/NT
blink.zip115k2003-07-13BLINK - Fast file compressor and packer for DOS together with beta of Win32 version
blkarc10.zip16k2003-07-13BLKARC v1.0 - Util for use of PkZip to convert sets of files into archives
bmf_1_10.zip132k2003-07-13BMF v1.10 - Lossless image compressor
bmf_2_hz.rar57k2003-07-13BMF v2.0 - Lossless image compressor
boa058.zip74k2003-07-13BOA Constrictor Archiver v0.58b
booz20.zip31k2003-07-13Booz v2.0 - ZOO archives extractor and lister
brflz100.zip69k2003-07-13BriefLZ v1.00 - Lempel-Ziv algorithm based packer with source
brzip4en.exe1380k2003-07-13BraZip v4.0.063 - Archiving tool for Win9x/NT/2000
bsa.zip75k2003-07-13BSA v2.0 (Rel.1.10) - Russian Packer
bsfx19.exe35k2003-07-13BSArc v1.9.3 - Older Russian Packer
bszipdll.zip379k2003-07-13BigSpeed Zip DLL v3.02 for Win32 - Zipping/unzipping library
bszipins.zip729k2003-07-13BigSpeed Zipper v3.6 - Versatile Zip tool for Win32
bszipocx.exe695k2003-07-13BigSpeed Zip OCX v2.1 for Win32 - Zipping/unzipping ActiveX control
btpc41.zip723k2003-07-13BTPC v4.1 - Graphics compressor based on Binary Tree Predictive Coding
btspk.arj46k2003-07-13BTSPK v2.60b - Crypt/packer program by Big Tree Soft
build101.zip18k2003-07-13Archive builder v1.01 - Multivolume packer util
bunzip.zip188k2003-07-13BUNZIP.DLL v1.0 - Freeware bz2/gz (GZIP) and CAB archive unpacker
bvi170.rar35k2003-07-13BVI File Compressor/Decompressor v1.70
bw5z393s.zip479k2003-07-13BinaryWork ZIP Compress OCX v3.093 - VB5 (SP3) version
bw6z397s.zip511k2003-07-13BinaryWork ZIP Compress OCX v3.097 - VB6 (SP3) version
bwc099d.tgz33k2003-07-13BWC v0.99 - Compressor for Linux
bwtzip.zip238k2003-07-13BTWZIP - Command line packer
bzip021.tgz66k2003-07-13BZIP v0.21 - File Compressor for Linux
bzip021.zip299k2003-07-13BZIP v0.21 - File Compressor for OS/2
bzip2101.zip231k2003-07-13BZIP2 v1.0.1 for OS/2 - A file compressor
bzip2102.zip105k2003-07-13BZIP2 v1.0.2 for OS/2 - Binary files (only) of a file compressor
bzip2os2.exe170k2003-07-13BZIP2 v1.0.0 for OS/2 v3.0 - A file compressor
bzip2w32.exe72k2003-07-13BZIP2 v1.0.2 for Win95/98/2000/NT - A file compressor
bzipplug.zip52k2003-07-13BZIP2 Support Plug-in for Total Commander
bztk300s.exe1750k2003-07-13Batch Zip Toolkit v3.00 - Compression Package for Win32
cab2003.zip1158k2003-07-13Microlog Cabinet Manager 2003 for Win9x/NT - Compression tool for .cab files
cabcomp.exe157k2003-07-13HeleCABCompresor v1.6.2.2 - CAB compressor for Win9x/NT
cabex10.zip32k2003-07-13CAB-Extractor v1.0
cabextr.zip41k2003-07-13BeOS Port of MS CAB Extract Utility
cabpck14.zip467k2003-07-13CabPack v1.4 - .CAB files creator
cabvie11.zip2k2003-07-13Cabview.inf v1.1 for Win95/NT
cachk31.zip966k2003-07-13Compressed Archive Checker v3.1 - RAR,ARJ&ACE archive checker
calcz10b.zip44k2003-07-13CALCZIP v1.0B - Calculates required disk space for ZIP archive installation on HD
canman.exe2650k2003-07-13Can Manager v1.0 - Compressor for Win32
car150.zip127k2003-07-13CAR v1.50 archiver
carc101.exe56k2003-07-13MS Cabinet Tool v1.01
carcom11.zip204k2003-07-13CAR Comp v1.10 - Compressor
cazipxp.zip18k2003-07-13Computer Associates CAZIPXP v1.4 - Compression tool
ccc25.zip25k2003-07-13Complete Compressor v2.5 - Packer shell
ccmpr101.zip27k2003-07-13CCMPRS - Command-line file compression utility for Win NT
cczip32.exe1571k2003-07-13CCZip v5.1 - ZIP application for Windows 95/98/NT
cdlist34.zip80k2003-07-13CD-List v3.4 for DOS/Win - ZIP as a disk unit emulator
cha1-2.exe25k2003-07-13ChArc v1.2 - Older Russian Packer
chfzip23.zip149k2003-07-13Chief's UNZIP v2.30 - Pascal version of Info-Zip's UNZIP
chieflz3.zip239k2003-07-13ChiefLZ LZ77 compression for DOS/Win16/Win32
chilkatz.zip1033k2003-07-13Chilkat Zip ActiveX Control v5.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
chiparc.zip23k2003-07-13CHIPARC v1.01 - DeARC v2.10 - Compression utils
chkex117.rar71k2003-07-13ChkEXE v1.17 - EXE Packer Identifier
clearcom.zip17k2003-07-13CLEARCOM v2.0 - Removes ZIP comments and resets data of archive to that of the newest file within the ZIP file
cm_src.rar13k2003-07-13CM - Static context modeling archiver - Source code
cmcr34.zip164k2003-07-13COMAR v3.43 - DOS Archive Shell and File Manager
cmdzip.zip497k2003-07-13AD Command Zip - Simple zipping utility
cmpass16.zip63k2003-07-13Compression Assistant v1.61 - MS compress/expand front-end
comansi.zip23k2003-07-13Compressed ANSI format packer
comdecom.zip253k2003-07-13Compress/Decompress Utility v1.0 for Windows
comp130.zip415k2003-07-13Compressor - Archiver for Win95/NT
comp16u.zip16k2003-07-13COMP16 - UNIX compressed files uncompressor for DOS
comp430d.zip20k2003-07-13Unix-Compatible 16 bit compress/uncompress/zcat for DOS
compr412.zip54k2003-07-13Unix-Compatible 16 bit compress/uncompress/zcat for OS2
compress.zip81k2003-07-13NK - BMP/TV format lossless compressor
comprsia.exe230k2003-07-13Compressia v1.0 Beta 1 - GUI Archiver for Win32
conv100.zip9k2003-07-13Archive Converter v1.00 (in German)
conv21b.zip56k2003-07-13Convert It! - File Archive Converter
convert.zip476k2003-07-13CONVERTER v1.2 - Archive format converter for Win32
coolzip.exe788k2003-07-13CoolZip v1.01 - Compression Tool for Win32
cpac135.zip121k2003-07-13CrossePAC v1.35 for MS-DOS - Data Compression Utility
cpk51.zip40k2003-07-13COMPACK v5.1 - COM/EXE Compactor
cpshrink.zip31k2003-07-13CPShrink by Central Point
crark15b.rar86k2003-07-13cRARk v1.55b - RAR v1.5x password finder
crark23.rar113k2003-07-13cRARk v2.3 - RAR v2.x password finder
crkcom.zip5k2003-07-13CRACKCOM v0.92 - Generic COM Unpacker
crunch.zip6k2003-07-13Cruncher v1.0 - File compression program (c) 1989
crush18.zip69k2003-07-13 CRUSH v1.8 - File Compression Tool
cryptzip.zip12k2003-07-13ZIP Crypto support for Total Commander
csfv138.rar255k2003-07-13cSFV v1.38 - Util for CRC32 value calculation and checking
csr12.zip14k2003-07-13CrackStop Remover v1.2
csys15.zip47k2003-07-13CompSys v1.5 - The LiveSystems Object-Oriented Toolbox for using compressed files (.PAS src)
cts121.zip588k2003-07-13Compactic Telescope v1.21 - Fast viewer of archives placed to web servers
ctw01w32.zip47k2003-07-13CTW v0.1 - Context Tree Weighting method based compressor
cunp.zip16k2003-07-13CUNP - ROSE's Generic COM file unpacker
cuz40.exe854k2003-07-13CAM UnZip v4.0 - Zip format compressor for Win32
cw349bin.zip465k2003-07-13CauseWay Compressor - Command-line compression tool with source
czp133b.zip102k2003-07-13Adding commentary to all zip archives v1.33b
dac129.zip92k2003-07-13DAC v1.29 - German Archive Converter
dc124.zip55k2003-07-13DC Archiver - Experimental BWT-based archiver for Win32
dc355pro.zip23k2003-07-13DUMPCOM v3.55 PRO - COM Unpacker
dca101.exe117k2003-07-13DCA v1.01 beta - Archiver with GUI
ddjcompr.zip86k2003-07-13DDJ Compress Contest Contributions - HSTEST,SIXPACK,COMPACT...
dec01.zip12k2003-07-13DECompress v0.1 - Universal decompressor (ZIP,ARJ,RAR...)
decay005.zip5k2003-07-13DECAY v0.05 - Generic 386 COM Unpacker
deepf106.exe718k2003-07-13DeepFreeze v1.06 - Japanese Win95 archiver with GUI interface
delphi10.zip5k2003-07-13Info on using the PKWARE Data Compression Library for Win
delphi20.zip4k2003-07-13Info on using the PKWARE Data Compression Library for Win32
delta10.exe117k2003-07-13Demo version of ICT Delta Coder v1.0
delzip12.zip204k2003-07-13Delphi ZIP v1.2 - ZIP v2.04g compatible VCL's, examples and DLLs for Delphi v2 and v3
descit.zip1k2003-07-13Batch file for inserting descriptions to zips
desdw179.zip3k2003-07-13SDW386 v1.79 remover
dese2b10.zip7k2003-07-13DeSCRE2B v1.0 - SCRNCH decompressor
detrap15.zip5k2003-07-13DeTrap v1.51 - Generic TRAP Envelope Remover
deups97.zip3k2003-07-13UnPackStop v0.97 Remover
dextrct2.zip162k2003-07-13D-Extract v2.0 - The archive-to-directory decompression shell
dfiles31.zip20k2003-07-13Do Files v3.1 - Util for creating ZIP using original file name
diet145f.zip45k2003-07-13Diet v1.45f - EXE File Compressor
dirpack.zip16k2003-07-13DirPack - Utility for sub-directory packing
ditpak10.zip11k2003-07-13DitPack v1.0 - Freeware packer with src by Disoft
diunpack.zip28k2003-07-13DIUNPACK v3.03 - Diskette Image Unpacker
dizl140.zip192k2003-07-13DizList v1.4 - File List Creator
dizvue21.zip72k2003-07-13 DIZVIEW v2.1 - Catalog all of your ZIP files
dizzy1.zip12k2003-07-13Dizzy v1.0 - Scans ZIP files and compiles list of descriptions
djar95.zip371k2003-07-13DJAR v1.02 Beta - JAR Shell for Win95
djard102.zip76k2003-07-13DJARD v1.02 Beta - JAR Shell for DOS
dkd32.zip11k2003-07-13DKD32 - LZSS and LZ-CRUNCH decompressor
dlc.exe343k2003-07-13DLC - Digilinear Compression based utility
dmc.zip147k2003-07-13DMC - Dynamic Markov Compression based utility
dmcsrc.zip3k2003-07-13DMC - Dynamic Markov Compression - Source code
dmpexe25.zip101k2003-07-13Obsession Exe-file expander v2.5
dos32unp.zip14k2003-07-13DOS32 Unpacker v0.01c - Decompressor of DOS32 extender packed executables
doz.zip23k2003-07-13DoZ test/demo program for UNIX-like compression
dozip151.zip57k2003-07-13QZip & DoZip - ZIP Processors
dp.zip11k2003-07-13DP v1.0 - Command line archiver
dpa11a.zip44k2003-07-13DPAE & DEP v1.1a - German DOS Packer (in English)
dpac10b.zip294k2003-07-13DPACKWIN v1.0b - LHARK Shell for Win95
dpak321.zip527k2003-07-13DPACK v3.21 - German Packer (ZIP,ARJ...) Shell
dpinfo95.zip75k2003-07-13DPINFO95.DLL v2.8 by D.Paehl - Archive type identifying DLL
dprs111.zip138k2003-07-13Document Press v1.11 - MS Office document compressor
dpslit14.zip521k2003-07-13DPSLIT v1.4 - Archive file splitter for Win95/NT
dpzip32.zip686k2003-07-13DPZIP32 v1.1a - Freeware PkZip 2.04 compatible packer for Win32
drp10win.zip1110k2003-07-13DropStuff v1.0 for Windows - Windows/MAC cross-platform compression and access tool
drpstf50.exe3560k2003-07-13DropStuff 5.0 & Aladdin Expander 5.0 - Windows tool for creation StuffIt and ZIP archive formats
dshar206.tgz101k2003-07-13dshar v2.06 - Command line packer
dshrnk16.zip184k2003-07-13DeShrink v1.6 - Shrinker envelope unpacker
dst09b.zip31k2003-07-13DST v0.9b - New compression program (for 1 file only)
dummyppm.rar10k2003-07-13DummyPPM Coder (Method D) - C Source
dup414.zip1020k2003-07-13Dragon UnPACKer v4.14 - Quake PAK and other game files extractor
dwc-a510.exe88k2003-07-13DWC Rel.A5.10 - Older packer
dz50.exe663k2003-07-13 Drag And Zip v5.0 for Windows 3.1
dz95.exe1021k2003-07-13 Drag And Zip v3.0g for Win95/NT
dzip20.zip115k2003-07-13DZIP v2.0 - Packer shell (in German)
dzip28.exe98k2003-07-13Dzip v2.84 - GUI version of File Compressor for Win32
dzip_b1.exe504k2003-07-13DeluxeZIP Beta - Compression tool with ZIP/RAR format support
dzipcl29.exe46k2003-07-13Dzip v2.9 - Command line version of Cile Compressor for Win32
e_wise.zip107k2003-07-13E_WISE 2002 - WISE Setup Unpacker
easyzip.zip337k2003-07-13EASYZIP v1.2 by Dirk Paehl - Win32 packer
easzipse.exe514k2003-07-13EASYZIP v1.2 by Dirk Paehl - Win32 packer (SFX file)
elc10.zip23k2003-07-13E_LC10 - LC10 compressed DOS/G[W] programs unpacker
elfpack.tgz2k2003-07-13ELFpack for Linux v1.0
eli5750.zip21k2003-07-13ELI 5750 Demo version - Older Russian Packer
elite.zip23k2003-07-13ExeLITE v1.00 beta F - EXE packer
elite104.zip10k2003-07-13ELITE v1.04 - EXE Wrapper
elite200.zip62k2003-07-13ELITE v2.0 - EXE & data files compressor
enc015.zip93k2003-07-13ENC v0.15 - PPMII method based archiver for Win32
entpa301.zip318k2003-07-13ENTPACK v3.01 - Universal Unpacker from Germany
entpack.arj39k2003-07-13Entpack - German EXE/COM Unpacker
enzip10.zip19k2003-07-13ENZIP v1.0 - German PkZip Compatible Freeware Unpacker
ep2k.exe780k2003-07-13EP2K - Command-line unpacking tool for Win9x/NT/2000
epack16.zip7k2003-07-13EPACK v1.6 - Executable file compressor
erar173.zip81k2003-07-13Easyrar v1.73 - German RAR supporting utility
eri51fre.zip89k2003-07-13ERI32 v5.1 free - Multimedia archiver, freeware version
erp.zip24k2003-07-13ERP v0.97b - Executable Recovery Program (EXE unpacker)
es13b.zip20k2003-07-13ES v1.3b - German Unpacking Shell
es321.zip70k2003-07-13EXESCAN - packed/protected EXE files recognizer
es95.zip388k2003-07-13ES95 v2.63 - Archive Identifier for Win95/98/NT
esp_v192.exe68k2003-07-13ESP v1.92 - Extension-Sort Packer from Hungary
exe32pck.zip42k2003-07-13EXE32PAK v1.37.0.3 - EXE packer for Win32 by Steelbytes
execab32.zip5k2003-07-13EXE 2 CAB Converter v3.2 - Converts SFX CAB (EXE) files to non-SFX CAB files
exei17xb.rar25k2003-07-13EXEINFO v1.7XBeta for DOS - EXE Envelope Identifier by ASL
exepack.zip45k2003-07-13EXEPack - EXE Manipulation Tools
exework.zip18k2003-07-13Executable Optimizer v1.055 - Util for optimizing of headers
exhig101.zip28k2003-07-13ExeHigh v1.01 - Executable file compressor
exp1.zip46k2003-07-13Experimental (bzip2 compression engine based) archiver v1
extar10.zip11k2003-07-13ExTAR v1.0 - TAR extractor
extpc102.exe32k2003-07-13ExtractorPC v1.02 - Compact Pro Expander
extr10.zip15k2003-07-13Extractor! v1.0 - VT VMS_SHARE Encoded Files Extractor
extrar.zip190k2003-07-13ExtractRAR v1.01 - Freeware add-on for WinRAR
exwise05.zip110k2003-07-13exwise v0.5 - WISE install executables decompressor
ezace.zip304k2003-07-13ACE archive unpacking shell
ezip30.exe955k2003-07-13eZip Wizard for Windows v3.0 - Compression utility
ezr.zip504k2003-07-13E.Z.R. v1.0 - ACE,ARJ&RAR Decompression Assistant
ezsep105.zip319k2003-07-13 EasyZIP Self-Extractor Pro v1.05 for Win'95/NT
f_vt100.zip132k2003-07-13VIPTRADER v1.00 - ZIP Handling Utility
fact132.zip54k2003-07-13FACT v1.32 - Freeware Archive Conversion Tool
farc124.zip35k2003-07-13FArc v1.24 - File in archives finder
farcw124.zip59k2003-07-13FArc for Windows v1.24 - File in archives finder
fasti18.zip21k2003-07-13FAST INFLATE v1.8 (ZIP,ARJ,LZH)
fastpack.zip89k2003-07-13FASTPACK.DLL - 16-bit DLL with fast compression algorithm
fi245.zip135k2003-07-13FileInfo v2.45 - EXE/COM packer/envelope identifier
finish26.zip116k2003-07-13 The Finishing Touch v2.6 - Professional software installation program
flash100.zip11k2003-07-13Flash, Fast Library Utility v1.00
foxsqz.zip144k2003-07-13FOXSQZ v1.9c DEMO
fpk200.zip2140k2003-07-13FreePaK v2.00 - SFX archives creator for Win9x/NT/2000
freeze10.zip25k2003-07-13Freeze! The Windows Compression Utility v1.0
freeze25.zip37k2003-07-13Freeze/Melt Compression Program v2.5
freezip.exe259k2003-07-13FreeZip v1.4.9 - Win95/98/NT free ZIP utility
fs.zip207k2003-07-13File Scanner - EXE Encryptor/Packer Identifier
fs_tools.zip23k2003-07-13Set of additional utils for File Scanner
fv200.zip9k2003-07-13FV v2.00 - Verbose Archive Directory Lister by Vernon D.Buerg
fvcbm30.zip45k2003-07-13FVCBM v3.0 - Displays Commodore 64/128 Archive Files Contents
fz2001.exe1075k2003-07-13FAST Zip 2001 v1.01 - Compression Utility for Win32
fzc105c.zip95k2003-07-13Fast ZIP Cracker v1.05c - ZIP password finder
gas20.zip78k2003-07-13GAS File Compression/Decompression Utility v2.0
gca_v09k.exe295k2003-07-13GCac v0.9k - Japanese compression program
ge250.zip54k2003-07-13GetTyp v2.50 - EXE/COM packer/encryptor/compiler... detector
getdiz12.zip13k2003-07-13GETDIZ v1.2 - Freeware FILE_ID.DIZ extractor
getdiz25.zip393k2003-07-13GetDiz v2.5 - DIZ viewer
getexe.zip9k2003-07-13GETEXE v2.0 - EXE Unpacker
gfe10.zip47k2003-07-13GFE v1.0 - General File Extractor
godzfree.exe1644k2003-07-13GodeZIP 2000 v7.9 free light version of compress util
godzip79.exe1295k2003-07-13GodeZIP 2000 v7.9 - Program to compress/decompress and crypt files by drag&drop
grepfv10.zip21k2003-07-13Grepf v10 - Grep also in ARJ, ZIP ...
gt026.zip209k2003-07-13GT2000 v0.26 - File format detector for Win32
gt260.zip166k2003-07-13GetTyp v2.60 - Extended file format detector (archives, EXE's)
gtar-exe.zip109k2003-07-13GNUtar v1.11.2 for DOS
gtar258.zip592k2003-07-13SCSI Tape Backup for OS/2 v2.58
gth12.zip21k2003-07-13Gather v1.2 - Archive several files into one and restore them
gtui114.zip17k2003-07-13GTUI - GetTyp user interface for Windows
gtw260.zip175k2003-07-13GetTyp v2.60 for Windows - File format detector
gup10.zip113k2003-07-13General Unpacking Shell v1.0 for Windows95
gus_195.zip42k2003-07-13General Unpack Shell v1.95
gzip124.zip115k2003-07-13GNU Zip v1.24
ha0999.zip89k2003-07-13HA v0.999 beta - Packer by Harri Hirvola
ha_nt.zip40k2003-07-13HA v0.999 beta - NT version of packer by Harri Hirvola
hackrar.zip12k2003-07-13RAR.CFG Decoder v1.0
hap305bp.com27k2003-07-13HAP v3.05 - Packer
hap306.zip25k2003-07-13HAP v3.06 - Packer
hap40td2.zip55k2003-07-13HAP v4.0xTD - Testdrive release
hav.zip9k2003-07-13HAView v0.6 - HA viewer
have614b.zip35k2003-07-13HAVE v6.14 Beta - Older Archive Viewer
hawcx110.zip54k2003-07-13HA Archiver Plugin v1.1.0 for Total Commander
hit.arj35k2003-07-13HIT v2.10 - MS-DOS based packer from Romania
hjz_pack.exe322k2003-07-13HJ-Zip v0.4beta - Freeware unzipper
hpa_elr.zip6k2003-07-13EXELocker Remover
hpack79d.zip155k2003-07-13HPACK v0.79a0 - Multi-System Archiver (DOS version)
hpack79o.zip167k2003-07-13HPACK v0.79 for OS/2 - Multi-System Archiver (OS2 version)
hpacomp.zip84k2003-07-13HPA Compressor v1.8
hsr114.zip8k2003-07-13HackStop Remover v1.14
htmllzw.zip868k2003-07-13HTML LZW Compression v2.5 for Win9x/NT/2000
htmlzip.exe263k2003-07-13HTMLZip v1.06 - SFX compressed HTML pages creator for Win9x/NT
hunp101.rar44k2003-07-13HUNP v1.01- Executable unpacker
hyper25.zip23k2003-07-13Hyper - Pack Utility v2.5 (the last English version)
hyper26.zip19k2003-07-13Hyper - Pack Utility v2.6 (German version)
i034.zip130k2003-07-13IceUnP v0.3.4 - EXE/COM UnPacker by author of Xpack
i5comp21.rar95k2003-07-13I5comp v2.01 - Install Shield Cabinet Files Maintenance Util
i6cmp13b.zip73k2003-07-13I6Comp v1.03b - Install Shield v6.x CAB util
i6comp02.zip121k2003-07-13I6Comp v0.20 - Install Shield v6.x CAB util
ibmnulib.zip66k2003-07-13NuLib v3.24 - Archiver
ice102c.zip21k2003-07-13ICE v1.02c archiver
icomp.zip57k2003-07-13Install Shield De-Compressor v3.00.061 for MS Windows
icomp95.zip60k2003-07-13Install Shield De-Compressor v3.00.062 for Win95/98/NT
idar214e.exe66k2003-07-13IDArc v2.14 - Archive Identifier - English version
idarc214.exe66k2003-07-13IDArc v2.14 - Archive Identifier - German version
idchekr2.zip8k2003-07-13IDCHECKR - Simple tool to detect type of archive
idpck314.exe34k2003-07-13IDPacker v3.14 - TP6+ Unit for Identification of Archive Formats
iexe131.zip21k2003-07-13InfoExe v1.31 - EXE packer/protector identifier
iexe135b.zip27k2003-07-13InfoExe v1.35 beta
imp.zip1k2003-07-13IMP archiver add-on to FAR file manager settings
imp110d.zip266k2003-07-13IMP v1.10 - DOS version of file archiver
imp112.exe122k2003-07-13IMP v1.12 - Command-line file archiver for Win95/NT
inf-ux55.zip20k2003-07-13UX v0.55 - EXE file unpacker
inszip13.zip703k2003-07-13InstallZIP v1.3 - Makes easy setup of an application stored in a ZIP archive
is_al_12.zip62k2003-07-13ARCLOG v1.20 - LOG file archiver for DOS/OS2
isdcc122.zip55k2003-07-13isDcc v1.22 - Install Shield Decompiler
isdiz2.zip31k2003-07-13Util which tell you if ZIP file contains FILE_ID.DIZ or not
its10.zip850k2003-07-13BigSpeed InZip Text Search for Win95/98/NT - Find, view and extract info from ZIP archives
iup067.zip23k2003-07-13IUP v0.6.7 - Executable Unpacker
izshr045.zip199k2003-07-13Zip/UnZip Source Shared Files
jam.zip38k2003-07-13JAM/UNJAM - Tiny freeware Chinese packer/unpacker
jam221.zip20k2003-07-13JAM v2.21 - Russian COM/EXE Compressor
jar102x.exe495k2003-07-13JAR v1.02 - File Archiver for DOS and Win95/NT from R.Jung
jarcs094.exe86k2003-07-13JARCS v0.94 - Compression Program
jarsh111.zip580k2003-07-13JarShell v1.11 for Win95/98 - GUI for JAR archiver
jarwn20b.zip125k2003-07-13JarWin v2.0 beta - JAR graphics interface for Windows 95
javazip.exe2249k2003-07-13JavaZip v1.0 - Java compression utility
jcalg1.zip24k2003-07-13JCALG1 Compression Library by Jeremy Collake
jcsrle.zip6k2003-07-13Run Length Encoding Utility v0.3 - Compression program
jlsref.zip325k2003-07-13JPEG-LS Reference Encoder v1.00 by HP
jrc110.zip84k2003-07-13 JRCHIVE v1.10 - Compression System
jrunzp10.zip40k2003-07-13JrUnzip v1.0 - Win3.1 Unzip Utility
jstcl11a.zip47k2003-07-13Just Click v1.1a - Archive extraction add-on
jup170us.zip132k2003-07-13Jen's UnPacker v1.70
jzlib98.exe188k2003-07-13Zlib98 - ZIP/TAR/GZIP browser for Win95/98/NT
kboom11.zip19k2003-07-13KBOOM v1.1 - LZW file encoder/decoder
keepit20.zip238k2003-07-13Keep-It v2.0 - Revision control system for Win9x/NT
kmt201df.zip7k2003-07-13TAR v2.01 for DOS (Update)
kmtar200.zip70k2003-07-13TAR v2.00 for DOS (dox in Japanese)
kty_13.zip117k2003-07-13KTY Archive v1.3 by HyperBeat Software - Japanese archiver
kzip099e.zip340k2003-07-13KAZip v0.99e - ZIP manager for OS/2
kzip0_94.zip89k2003-07-13KZipper v0.94 - ZIP manager for OS/2
larar2.zip11k2003-07-13LaRar v2.0 - Program to aid in using UnRAR
larc333.exe55k2003-07-13LARC v3.33
larch321.zip57k2003-07-13LARCH v3.21 - Archive Manager
larsq.zip23k2003-07-13LAR & SQPC - Older compressors
ldzip225.zip79k2003-07-13LDZIP v2.25 - ZIP with LFN support creator in plain DOS
lfb10.zip71k2003-07-13Large File Backup and Restore v1.0
lgaf24.zip11k2003-07-13LGAFIND v2.4 - Recursive File Finder in Archives (Russian dox)
lgasp403.rar15k2003-07-13LGASPLIT v4.03 - Archive Splitter for DOS (Russian dox)
lgav609e.zip53k2003-07-13LGAVIEW v6.09 - Archive Viewer for DOS/Win by Lyapko George
lgfv210.zip19k2003-07-13LGFV v2.10 - MS-DOS Archives Viewer by Lyapko George
lgfv4far.zip20k2003-07-13LGFV v2.11 for FAR - Archiver Viewer
lgha11g.zip29k2003-07-13LGHA v1.1g - DOS Archiver by Lyapko George
lglhafix.zip5k2003-07-13LGLHAFIX v1.3 - Damaged LZH/ICE files reconstructor
lglz104e.zip54k2003-07-13LGLZ v1.04e - DOS Executables Compressor by Lyapko George
lgpkv110.exe25k2003-07-13LOGPAK v1.10 - Log files archiving util (RAR support)
lgzsp.zip9k2003-07-13LGZSP - Util for stripping paths from ZIP archives
lh113c.exe37k2003-07-13LHArc v1.13c
lh2_222.zip112k2003-07-13LH/2 v2.22 for OS/2
lha211_s.exe58k2003-07-13LHA v2.11 Source Code
lha255b.exe69k2003-07-13LHA v2.55b - Japanese and English version with Japanese dox
lha255e.exe64k2003-07-13LHA v2.55 - English version
lha266.exe40k2003-07-13LHA v2.66 - Japanese version
lha266e.exe14k2003-07-13LHA v2.66 - English patch and document
lha267.exe50k2003-07-13LHA 32 v2.67 - Japanese version
lha267e.exe4k2003-07-13LHA 32 v2.67 - English patch and document
lha32106.exe36k2003-07-13LHA32 v1.06 by Take (in Japanese)
lhadll.exe49k2003-07-13LHA.DLL for Windows
lhark04d.zip37k2003-07-13LHARK v0.4d - packer by Kerwin F.Medina
lhasa010.exe176k2003-07-13Lhasa v0.1 - LHa Extractor for Win95
lhavw161.zip93k2003-07-13LHA Viewer v1.61
lhe101.exe11k2003-07-13Fast LHA extractor for DOS
lhex11.zip288k2003-07-13LHEX v1.1 - LHA archives extraction add-on
lhhelp.zip18k2003-07-13LHSCAN & LHPICK v0.02 - Corrupt LZH file Rescue Program
liar40.zip13k2003-07-13LIAR v4.0 - Lister of archives
licab321.zip209k2003-07-13LITCAB32 v1.04 - CAB files manipulator for Win32
limit12.zip29k2003-07-13Limit v1.2 - Packer
litca112.zip263k2003-07-13LITCAB v1.12 - CAB files manipulator for Win95/98
lk031.exe42k2003-07-13About Look-at-Me v0.31 - 4DOS batch file to display contents of text files in ARJ format archive
lnunz15.zip23k2003-07-13Long Name Unzip v1.50
lpac_in.zip23k2003-07-13LPAC Archiver plug-in v1.00 for Winamp
lpacarch.zip132k2003-07-13LPAC Archiver v1.41 (with Codec DLL 3.08 and documentation)
lpaccmd.zip72k2003-07-13LPAC Archiver Command Line v1.40 for Win32
lpacfull.zip162k2003-07-13LPAC Full Installation (with Codec DLL 3.09 and command line version 1.40)
lpackv10.zip32k2003-07-13LPA and LEPA - Packer Shell (in German)
lpacodec.zip43k2003-07-13LPAC Archiver v1.41 - Codec DLL v3.08 only
lsize252.zip59k2003-07-13LSIZE v2.52 - Packed files splitter
lspsfx20.zip737k2003-07-13LSP SFX Builder v2.0 - Single file SFX creator
lunace20.tgz152k2003-07-13UnAce for Linux v2.0a
lxlt132.zip382k2003-07-13LxLite v1.3.2 - An OS/2 Executables Packer
lxlt132s.zip438k2003-07-13LxLite v1.3.2 - Source Code of OS/2 Executables Packer
lza101.zip608k2003-07-13Chief's LZ Archiver for Win3.1x/Win9x/WinNT
lzalt03.zip28k2003-07-13LZALT v0.03 - LZEXE compressed files modifier
lzap0200.zip87k2003-07-13LZAP v0.20.0 - Packer
lzds21.zip33k2003-07-13LZDS v2.1 - Command-line packer
lzealt.zip9k2003-07-13LZEALT v1.04 - Fast LZEXE un-extractor
lzefix.zip22k2003-07-13LZEFIX - Shell for LZEXE
lzeshl30.zip24k2003-07-13LZESHELL v3.00 - Shell for LZEXE compressor
lzexe091.zip35k2003-07-13LZEXE v0.91 - EXE File Compressor
lzexe100.zip34k2003-07-13LZEXE v1.00 - EXE File Compressor
lzexemem.zip4k2003-07-13Requirement for loading an EXE file compressed with LZEXE
lzhe100.zip6k2003-07-13LZHE v1.00 - List/Text/Extract LZH compressed files by Sydex
lzhlib.zip10k2003-07-13LZHLIB - Compression library by Kerwin F.Medina
lzhm500.exe437k2003-07-13LZH-Manager v5.00 - German LZH Shell
lzip.zip263k2003-07-13LCARS-Zip v1.0.24 for Win95 - Zip program with LCARS interface from the Star Trek Series :-)
lzo104.tgz264k2003-07-13LZO v1.04 - A real-time data compression library
lzop100.tgz157k2003-07-13LZOP v1.00 - A real-time data compression utility
lzop100d.zip92k2003-07-13LZOP v1.00 - A real-time data compression utility (DOS)
lzop100o.zip56k2003-07-13LZOP v1.00 - A real-time data compression utility (OS/2)
lzop100w.zip61k2003-07-13LZOP v1.00 - A real-time data compression utility (WIN)
lzs221.zip24k2003-07-13LZSDEMO v3.1 by Stac Electrics
lzss.zip27k2003-07-13Simple LZSS implementation v1.0 by Jeremy Collake
lzssu102.zip10k2003-07-13LZSSUNIT v1.02 for Borland (Turbo) Pascal
macarc.zip70k2003-07-13Extract ArcMac's files on PC v1.1a
mag_zipc.zip25k2003-07-13Password guesser to recover PkZipped files when the password has been lost
makezexe.zip36k2003-07-13MakeZexe - Free SFX ZIP file creator
makezipe.zip699k2003-07-13MakeZip v1.28 - Create ZIP archives with 95/NT self-extractor
mar10.zip32k2003-07-13MAR v1.0 - Micrognosis Compression Archiver
mcpy01v.zip5k2003-07-13MCOPY v1.0 - Backup util (ARJ-based)
mdcd10.zip83k2003-07-13MDCD v1.0 - Packer
megal120.zip30k2003-07-13Megalite v1.20a+ - EXE Compressor
messr.zip12k2003-07-13MESS (EXE Envelope) Remover v1.1
mindexp.exe624k2003-07-13Mind Expander for Windows - ZIP, SIT, SEA and HQX unpacker for Windows
minunzip.zip19k2003-07-13Minunzip - Simple Free Unzip Program for Win95
mklist20.zip25k2003-07-13Makes FILES.BBS list from ARJ and ZIP description files
mlp107b.zip54k2003-07-13EXE file compressor for DJGPP V2 v1.07
mlzo104.tgz25k2003-07-13Mini version of LZO v1.04 - A real-time data compression library
morr.zip40k2003-07-13MORR - Universal Password Cracker
mpc3_00.exe58k2003-07-13MPC v3.00 - Archiver
mscic65a.zip42k2003-07-13MSCIC ed.6.50 - COM/EXE Compressor/Protector Identifier
mscomp20.zip10k2003-07-13MS Compress v2.00
msext106.zip50k2003-07-13Extractor for CAB files by MS
msfix13.zip6k2003-07-13MSFIX v1.3 - Fixes Exepack/some BIOS Conflict
msxie140.zip62k2003-07-13MSXiE v1.40 Pro - High Performance Archiver
mufi144.zip67k2003-07-13Multi File Identifier v1.44 (archives, multimedia files)
multiarc.zip1137k2003-07-13multiARC v2.2 - Multiarchive extractor for Win9x
mup122.zip34k2003-07-13MUP v1.22 - Multiple Unpacker
mupg100.zip68k2003-07-13Make Upgrade v1.00 - Util for making upgrade archives of programs and databases
mutawwp.zip12k2003-07-13WWPACK Mutator v1.1c - Security WWPACK add-on
mwwpr100.zip8k2003-07-13MutaWWP Remover v1.00
mydiz055.lzh21k2003-07-13MyDiz v0.55 - File_id.diz processor
mzip15d.zip726k2003-07-13Multiple-ZIP-licity v1.5 - Multiple ZIP archives unpacker
narc31.zip69k2003-07-13NARC v2.1 - Older De-Archive Utility
nbz20.exe1261k2003-07-13Brilliant Zip v2.01 - Compression tool for Win32
ncav48bd.zip291k2003-07-13The Norton Commander Archive Viewer v4.8 Beta-D
ned230.zip8k2003-07-13NED v2.30 - NE VB3.0 executable files deshrinker
nelite.zip93k2003-07-13NeLite 2002 - OS/2 NE format executable packer
neolte20.zip612k2003-07-13NeoLite v2.0 - Windows 32-bit EXE & DLL compressor
nes_v120.zip68k2003-07-13NES v1.20 - DOS shell program with archive support
newzipse.exe1008k2003-07-13NEWZIP - Freeware ZIP archiver for Windows by D.Paehl
nntc.zip117k2003-07-13Neural Network Text Compression Programs by Matt Mahoney
no_hacks.zip5k2003-07-13Some anti-hacking tricks for WWPACK
noah110.zip24k2003-07-13NOAH Archive Utility Program v1.1
nozipdel.zip9k2003-07-13Deletes all files except of ZIP,ARJ...
nsk50.zip63k2003-07-13NaShrinK v5.0 - File Compression Utility from India
ocsfxp5a.zip229k2003-07-13 OCS Self-Extractor Personal v5.0a - Fast SFX packer
oearchiv.zip470k2003-07-13Outlook Express Archive Pro v2.52 - Save Outlook Express email folder to compressed and password protected archive
oop23.zip104k2003-07-13OOP v2.3 - Archiving Program
opt_frog.zip65k2003-07-13OptimFROG v4.50 alpha - Audio Compressor
ows.zip59k2003-07-13OWS v0.95beta - Lossless Fractal Compression Program - It's only a joke - please don't delete original files !!!
pack201.zip14k2003-07-13Pack v2.01 - Executable File Compressor
packuj.zip8k2003-07-13PACKUJ v1.0 - Util for creation of 1-file archives
packvxrx.zip41k2003-07-13Packvxrx - Fix and compression for VX/Rexx executables
packwin.zip30k2003-07-13PACKWIN v1.0 - DOS and Windows Executable File Compressor
packword.exe455k2003-07-13PackWord v1.0 - Microsoft Word's Document to SFX Archive Converter
pacl300.exe1061k2003-07-13Power Archiver Command Line Support Add-On v3.0
pak1_0.zip22k2003-07-13oPAQue (former PAK) v1.0 - Simple but very fast packer for DOS
pak251.exe101k2003-07-13PAK v2.51 - Packer by Nogate Consulting
pak441.zip2640k2003-07-13Pack It Up! v4.41 - Archive Shell for Windows'95
pakexe10.zip7k2003-07-13PAKEXE v1.0b - Big executables packer
pakll106.zip52k2003-07-13PAKLEO v1.06 & UNPAKLEO v1.05 - Packing utils by ThunderSoft
paq1.zip49k2003-07-13PAQ1 - File Compressor
paqmenu.zip10k2003-07-13PAQ Menu - Simple GUI for PAQ Archiver
par149b.exe645k2003-07-13PAR v1.49b - Compression program for Win32
par200a.exe732k2003-07-13PAR v2.00 beta - Compression program for Win32
pax20-2.zip164k2003-07-13PAX v2.0 for OS/2 - Archiving utility
pax2exe.zip56k2003-07-13PAX v2 for DOS - Archiving utility
pc3270.zip13k2003-07-13PC/3270 v2.00 - Compression program
pcarc110.zip26k2003-07-13PCArc v1.10f - Archiving program
pcdezip.zip48k2003-07-13PCDE ZIP v1.00 - Packer
pci-a174.zip55k2003-07-13AinView v1.74 - Archive File Viewer
pci-f215.zip188k2003-07-13FID v2.15 - File_id.diz Extractor
pcr158d.zip148k2003-07-13PNGCRUSH v1.5.8 - PNG files packer (executable)
pcr158s.zip327k2003-07-13PNGCRUSH v1.5.8 - PNG files packer (source code)
pcsnk071.zip10k2003-07-13Phrozen Crew PE Shrinker v0.71
pctar11.zip28k2003-07-13PC TAR v1.1 - Freeware
pd32-160.zip158k2003-07-13ProcDump32 v1.6 Final - PE files unpacker/dumper
pdz101.zip135k2003-07-13PDZ v1.01 - Experimental PDF compressor
pecpt184.zip212k2003-07-13PECompact v1.84 - Win9x/NT4/W2k Executables Packer
ped.zip12k2003-07-13PEDiminisher v0.1 - Simple PE packer
pemg055.zip199k2003-07-13PEmultiGUI v0.55 - Win32 EXE packers GUI
pepack10.zip15k2003-07-13PE-Pack v1.00 - Win32 Executables Packer
pescan33.zip69k2003-07-13pe-scan v3.31 - PE files envelope identifier
petite22.zip106k2003-07-13Petite v2.2 for Win95/NT - Win32 Executable Compressor
pgmpak14.zip37k2003-07-13PGMPAK v0.14 - Program Compress Utility
pgmpak15.zip34k2003-07-13PGMPAK v0.15 - Program Compress Utility (without dox)
pgnpack.zip44k2003-07-13PGNPACK v1.0 - Pack/unpack PGN files
pi29.zip63k2003-07-13PI v2.9 - German Packer Identifier
pibarv.zip162k2003-07-13PibARV - Win95/98/NT console program to list the contents of PC compressed files
pibarx.zip276k2003-07-13PibARX - Win95/98/NT console program to extract the contents of PC compressed files
piczip28.exe2654k2003-07-13PicoZip v2.8 - Compression tool for Win32
pika.exe91k2003-07-13Rabbit LZH file decompression tool
pk250c32.exe300k2003-07-13 PkZip v2.50 Command Line for Win95/NT
pk250dos.exe203k2003-07-13 PkZip v2.50 for DOS
pk263w16.exe666k2003-07-13 PkZip for Windows v2.60.03 - 16bit
pk361.exe117k2003-07-13PkPak v3.61
pk45eval.exe4987k2003-07-13PKZIP v4.5 for Win9x/NT/2000
pkback1a.zip21k2003-07-13MAINZEL Backup - PkZip Based Backup Program
pkl3211.exe420k2003-07-13 PkLite32 v1.1 (Win32 exe compressor)
pklin251.exe302k2003-07-13PkZip for Linux v2.51
pklts201.exe92k2003-07-13 PkLite v2.01 (exe/com compressor)
pkos2250.exe302k2003-07-13 PkZip for OS/2 v2.50
pksmart.rar30k2003-07-13PkSmart v1.0b - Executable file compressor from Russia
pktin162.zip13k2003-07-13TinyProg packed files modifier
pkx35a35.exe70k2003-07-13PkArc v3.5
pkzc400s.exe3470k2003-07-13PKZIP v4.0 Command Line for Win9x/NT/2000
pkzca201.zip7k2003-07-13The PkZip Caller v2.01 - German PkZip utility
pkzcheck.zip25k2003-07-13PKZCHECK - PkZip Password Checker
pkze110s.exe4620k2003-07-13PKZIP Explorer v1.1 for Win9x/NT/2000
pkzf15.exe92k2003-07-13 PkZFIND v1.50 & PkZOOM v1.50 - ZIP utils by PKWARE
pkzw500.exe9782k2003-07-13PkZip Pro v5.0 for Win32
plzip700.exe2264k2003-07-13Planet Zip v7.00 (formerly Wallaby'95) - Archive file shell for Win95/98/NT
pmext4pc.arj27k2003-07-13PMext v2.2 - .PMA files extractor for DOS
pmwun120.zip37k2003-07-13PMWUNLIT.EXE v1.20 - Decompressor for PMODE/W compressed executables
pmzip100.zip622k2003-07-13PM Zipper - OS/2 InfoZip Shell and CD-ROM Manager
pnunp300.zip17k2003-07-13PNUNPACK R3.00 from OpenDOS v7.01
powarc81.exe2322k2003-07-13Power Archiver 2002 v8.10 - Multiformat archive file manager
pp219.zip40k2003-07-13Pro-Pack v2.19 - Executable Packer
ppdepack.zip5k2003-07-13PowerPacker depacker for DOS
ppdepwin.zip14k2003-07-13PowerPacker depacker for Windows
ppmdi1.rar71k2003-07-13PPMD var.I rev.1 - Fast PPM Compressor for textual data w/src
ppmnb1.rar40k2003-07-13PPMN v1.00b1+ - PPM Compressor
ppmy_3c.rar14k2003-07-13PPMY v2.00c - Context Mixing-based Data Compressor
ppmz2.zip35k2003-07-13PPMZ2 v0.8 - File compressor
ppmz2src.zip29k2003-07-13PPMZ2 - Source code of compressor
ppmz_4gx.zip203k2003-07-13PPMZ - PPM Based Compressor - DOS version
ppmz_ntx.zip49k2003-07-13PPMZ - PPM Based Compressor - Win95/NT version
prar206p.exe274k2003-07-13RAR for OS/2 v2.06 - Polish edition
prsys.zip19k2003-07-13PRSYS - EXE2BIN Relocation Packer for DOS Driver Files
ps2_202e.exe361k2003-07-13PalmScan v2.02 for OS/2 - The Ultimate Archive Convert Utility
psa091a.zip72k2003-07-13PSA v0.91 - Pretty Simple Archiver
psav180.zip422k2003-07-13PalmSaver v1.80 for Win95/98 - Backup shell over ARJ/RAR/ZIP packers
pscn202a.zip120k2003-07-13PalmScan v2.02 -> 2.02a Patch
pscn202e.exe285k2003-07-13PalmScan v2.02 for DOS - The Ultimate Archive Conv. Utility
pspd122.zip28k2003-07-13PSPEED v1.22 - Packer performance checker (dox in German)
ptest107.zip35k2003-07-13PTEST v1.07 - Packer performance tester
pucrunch.zip128k2003-07-13Pu-Crunch - A Hybrid LZ77 and RLE based packer
pul32dos.zip61k2003-07-13PULL v3.2 - A Cross Platform Tool for File Easy Extracting and Compact Packaging - DOS version
pul33os2.zip129k2003-07-13PULL v3.3 - A Cross Platform Tool for File Easy Extracting and Compact Packaging - OS/2 version
pun100xn.zip94k2003-07-13NT Pocket UnZip v1.0 GUI app. (Intel)
purs963.zip33k2003-07-13PURSIKKA v96.3 - ARJ, ZIP and LHA archives unpacker
put347.zip216k2003-07-13 PUT, GET & INSTALL v3.47 by MicroFox
puzv11.zip54k2003-07-13The Powerful UnZipper v1.1 - ZIP utility
pv105.zip26k2003-07-13PV v1.05 - Archive File Viewer for OS/2
pvd105.zip37k2003-07-13PV v1.05 - Archive File Viewer for DOS
pzip601.exe1699k2003-07-13PowerZip v6.01 - Freeware Win32 ZIP Manager
qa11.zip46k2003-07-13QuickArchive v1.1 - An easy archive wizard for DOS
qaz_361.zip147k2003-07-13QAZ v3.61 - Archive Dir Viewer (many formats...)
qddos05b.zip12k2003-07-13Quick Decompress v0.5beta for DOS
qezbld10.zip111k2003-07-13QEZ v1.2 - Quick and Easy Software Installation
qfc202c.zip25k2003-07-13Quick File Collection v2.02c - TAR-like file storing utility
qlfc6_6w.rar49k2003-07-13QLFC 6.6w - Archiver based on Quantized Local Frequency Coding
qped21.zip236k2003-07-13QPed v2.10 - Program to create new and editing existing .pak files for id software's Quake
qsfv221.exe130k2003-07-13Quick SFV v2.21 - SFV Checker for Win32
qsich14s.zip300k2003-07-13QSichern v1.4s - PkZip based Backup program from Germany
quant097.zip169k2003-07-13Quantum v0.97 - release candidate - Packer
quark10b.zip118k2003-07-13Quark v1.00beta - Russian Packer
qzip301.exe3222k2003-07-13QuickZip v3.01 - Archiver for Win32
qzl145.exe771k2003-07-13QuickZip Lite v1.45 - Archive shell for Win32
rar-use.exe20k2003-07-13RAR-USE v1.1 - FAQ on how to configure various comm. programs for using RAR
rar200sa.exe206k2003-07-13RAR v2.00 (DOS) - Slovak edition (ACII)
rar200se.exe54k2003-07-13RAR v2.00 (DOS) - Slovak translation of dox to English edition
rar200sk.exe208k2003-07-13RAR v2.00 (DOS) - Slovak edition (Kamenicky)
rar200sl.exe208k2003-07-13RAR v2.00 (DOS) - Slovak edition (Latin2)
rar202s2.exe293k2003-07-13RAR v2.02 (OS/2) - Spanish edition
rar202sp.exe306k2003-07-13RAR v2.02 (DOS) - Spanish edition
rar205pd.exe280k2003-07-13RAR v2.05 (OS/2) - German edition
rar250.exe263k2003-07-13RAR v2.50 (DOS)
rar250d.exe279k2003-07-13RAR v2.50 (DOS) - German edition
rar250p.exe259k2003-07-13RAR v2.50 (OS/2)
rar250pl.exe274k2003-07-13RAR v2.50 (DOS) - Polish edition
rar250ru.exe269k2003-07-13RAR v2.50 (DOS) - Russian edition
rar_amy.lha13k2003-07-13UnRAR for Amiga
rar_faq.zip5k2003-07-13FAQ on RAR
rarb32b3.tgz381k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for FREE-BSD Unix - Archiver
rarbatch.exe9k2003-07-13Other formats 2 RAR conversion BAT's (ZIP,ARJ,LZH...)
rarbrk2.zip26k2003-07-13RARBREAK II - Password Cruncher for RAR v2.xx Archives
rarbs311.tgz373k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for FREE-BSD Unix - Archiver
rarex.zip11k2003-07-13RAR Multi-Volume File Extract Utility
rarfaq14.exe15k2003-07-13FAQ on RAR v1.4 (in German)
rarhp.sfx201k2003-07-13RAR v2.02 for UNIX (HP)
rarisimo.zip2671k2003-07-13Rarissimo v1.0b - Companion tool for WinRAR that preserve NTFS alternate streams
rarl32b3.tgz649k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Linux - Archiver
rarlx311.tgz619k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Linux - Archiver
rarm32b3.tgz347k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for MacOS X - Archiver
rarm500.exe412k2003-07-13RAR Manager v5.00 - German RAR Shell
rarmc311.tgz337k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for MacOS X - Archiver
rarsco.sfx192k2003-07-13RAR v2.01 for UNIX (SCO)
rarseq16.zip793k2003-07-13RAR Sequence Checker v1.6 - Checks a series of RAR files to see if files are missing
rarshlex.rar8k2003-07-13RAR Shell Extension v1.0 for Win95/NT
rarsparc.sfx217k2003-07-13RAR v2.01 for UNIX (SunOS-Sparc)
rarx311.exe423k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for DOS32 and OS/2 - Archiver (console version)
rarx32b3.exe427k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for DOS32 and OS/2 - Archiver
rav250.rar134k2003-07-13Remote Archive Viewer v2.5 for RA v2.0/2.5
rax_102.zip125k2003-07-13RAX v1.02 - compression program from Romania
rcf38.zip37k2003-07-13RCF v3.8 - Archive Viewer
rcvtw32.rar40k2003-07-13The RAR Conversion Utility v1.03 for Win32
rdm006be.zip33k2003-07-13RDMC v0.06b - DMC algorithm based packer (English version)
rdm006bs.zip34k2003-07-13RDMC v0.06b - DMC algorithm based packer (Spanish version)
reace016.exe109k2003-07-13REACE.BAT v0.16 - * -> ACE Converter
rearc11.zip18k2003-07-13Rearc v1.1 - Rearchives all zip files to max. compression and set the date/time of zip file to that of the latest file in it
recomp01.zip8k2003-07-13RECOMP v0.1 - Recompress nested ZIP archives
reduq.zip77k2003-07-13Reduq v1.2 - File compressor
rengen.zip15k2003-07-13RenGen - ZIP packing of dir with LFN files
renz10.zip9k2003-07-13RENZIP v1.0 - Rename files in a ZIP file
rep10d.exe197k2003-07-13Repack v1.00 - Archive Repacker (German version)
rep10e.exe197k2003-07-13Repack v1.00 - Archive Repacker
repack.zip19k2003-07-13REPACKER v1.0 - ZIP/ARJ/RAR... command line repacker
repck101.zip24k2003-07-13VSh Archive Repacker v1.01
rerar1b2.exe52k2003-07-13Re-RAR v1.2 beta-2 - Other formats 2 RAR conversion program
rerp.rar19k2003-07-13RERP - ROSE's EXE Relocation Packer v0.02
ripper13.zip396k2003-07-13Ripper v1.3 - Multiple File Unzip Utility
rjc-beta.zip32k2003-07-13RJCRUSH v1.10a beta - DOS executable compressor (without dox)
rjcru110.zip50k2003-07-13RJCRUSH v1.10 - DOS Executable Compressor
rk104a1d.exe461k2003-07-13RK File Archiver v1.04.1 alpha for DOS
rk104a1w.exe380k2003-07-13RK File Archiver v1.04.1 alpha for Win32
rkau107.zip42k2003-07-13RKAU v1.07 - Audio codec for WAV compression
rkgrp106.rar84k2003-07-13RKGraph - Compressor-profiling utility v1.06
rkim106.zip57k2003-07-13RKIM v1.06 - Image codec for TGA/RAS compression
rkive14.zip74k2003-07-13RKIVE v1.4 - File archiver
rkuc104.zip103k2003-07-13RKUC v1.04 - Universal compression codec
rkv192b1.zip130k2003-07-13RKIVE v1.92 beta 1 - File archiver
rle16-sc.zip16k2003-07-13Run Length Encoding Program - 16 bit header version
rle8-sc.zip16k2003-07-13Run Length Encoding Program - 8 bit header version
rle96.zip17k2003-07-13RLE96 - Compression program with PAS source code
rosetiny.zip27k2003-07-13Rosetiny - Generates unpackable TINYPROG packed files
roshal.jpg67k2003-07-13Eugene Roshal (author of RAR archiver) picture in JPG format
rpc411.zip157k2003-07-13RAR Password Cracker v4.11 for Win32
rpm306x1.zip1123k2003-07-13Red Hat rpm for OS/2 v3.06
rpmv12.lzh11k2003-07-13RPMVIEW v1.2 - DOS viewer for Linux RPM files
rps102.zip28k2003-07-13RAR Password Search v1.02 (in German)
rsunzip.zip17k2003-07-13RSUNZIP v2.04b - Freeware DOS Unzipper
rtd_rp24.zip31k2003-07-13Rose Patch v2.4 - TinyProt/Rosetiny Unpacker
rurarj.zip12k2003-07-13GORUR's Easy Doc's on Using the ARJ Compression Program
rurpku.zip7k2003-07-13GORUR's Easy Doc's on Using PkUnzip Program
rurpkz.zip8k2003-07-13GORUR's Easy Doc's on Using PkZip Program
rv251.zip24k2003-07-13RV - Rview v2.51 - Archive lister
rvs113.zip47k2003-07-13RVS - RView Shell v1.13 - Shell for viewing and extracting contents of archives
s_s30.zip151k2003-07-13Space Shifter v3.0 - Archive converter
sal00002.zip400k2003-07-13SAL - Salamanders compression/archive utility
sar1.zip25k2003-07-13Streamline Archival Utility v1.00
sarj121.exe36k2003-07-13SARJ v1.21 - General Unpack Shell (ARJ support)
sav100.exe50k2003-07-13SAV v1.00 - Simple Archive Viewer (German version)
sav100e.exe51k2003-07-13SAV v1.00 - Simple Archive Viewer (English version)
sawzip98.zip57k2003-07-13SAWZip v2.0 - DLL for reading, creating and extracting from from ZIP files
sbc0969d.zip218k2003-07-13SBC v0.969 beta for DOS - Secure archiver with built-in encryption options
sbc0969w.zip165k2003-07-13SBC v0.969 beta for Win32 - Secure archiver with built-in encryption options
sbx14.zip198k2003-07-13SBX v1.4 - Compression program and SFX maker for Win95
scnzip10.zip93k2003-07-13ScanZip v1.0 - Zip archives lister
script22.exe40k2003-07-13Scripts v2.2 - German util for RAR SFX scripts creation
scrnch.zip82k2003-07-13SCRNCH v1.02 - A Data Compressor
sdiz510.zip220k2003-07-13Super Diz v5.10 - File_id.diz to Files.bbs importing utility
sdnv100.zip22k2003-07-13The SDNet/works Verification and Extraction Util v1.00
sear20.zip393k2003-07-13Self-Extractor Archive Recovery v2.0
seau110.exe2812k2003-07-13SEAU v11.0 - Self-Extracting Archive Utility
semkr100.zip853k2003-07-13SE Maker v1.00 - Win32 ZIP SFX archive compiler
semone06.zip61k2003-07-13SEMONE v0.6b0 - Compression util by V.Semenjuk
sfark_20.zip506k2003-07-13sfArk v2.15 - SF2 and SBK soundbank files compressor for Win32
sfvch109.zip1250k2003-07-13SFV Checker v1.09 - Multi-volume file archives integrity checker
sfx.exe326k2003-07-13SFX EXE Creator - Lempel-Ziv Algorithm Based SFX Archive Maker
sfx252.exe1186k2003-07-13Power Archiver SFX Maker v2.5 SR-2 for Win32
sfxcmp13.exe2966k2003-07-13SFX Compiler v1.3 for Win95-XP - Tool to add multiple files into one self-extracting file
sfxedit.exe327k2003-07-13SfxEdit - SFX creation package for Delphi
sfxfct26.exe2163k2003-07-13SFX-Factory v2.6 - SFX files creation with internal ACE and ZIP compression
sfxinst3.zip15k2003-07-13SFXinstall v3.00 - Archive files extractor
sfxstubs.zip63k2003-07-13ARJ,BH,LHA and ZIP SFX add-on to SfxEdit Package
sfxwiz.zip2030k2003-07-13Ultrasoft Self-Extract Wizard v2.6 - ZIP and RAR SFX maker for Win32
shaid270.zip42k2003-07-13SH Archive Identifier v2.70
sharc860.zip30k2003-07-13SHARC v8.60 - Older Shell for ARC's
shez109.zip384k2003-07-13 SHEZ v10.9
shezs19c.zip24k2003-07-13ShezShow v1.9c - Set of sample BAT files for SHEZ
short16e.zip354k2003-07-13Shorten v2.3a - Waveform files compressor for Win16
short32e.zip592k2003-07-13Shorten v2.3b - Waveform files compressor for Win32
shrinker.exe808k2003-07-13Shrinker v3.4 Demo - Win32 EXE packer
sitex10.exe347k2003-07-13SITEX v1.0 - Multiformat Unpacker/Decoder for Windows
skc40g3.rar470k2003-07-13SkullCheck v4.00 Gamma 3 - Upload and filebase processor
sky115.zip56k2003-07-13Sky Compressor v1.15 - File Compressor
skylz100.zip24k2003-07-13Sky LZ Library v1.00 for Watcom C 32-bits
slim110a.zip35k2003-07-13 Slim v1.10a - File Compression System
smpzipse.exe1431k2003-07-13Simplyzip v1.1b24 - ZIP packer for Win32 by Dirk Paehl
snap30d.zip10k2003-07-13SnapShot Prof. v3.0 - EXE Unpacker
snoopy37.zip6k2003-07-13FILE_ID.DIZ inside ZIP/ARJ/LZH viewer
snrc21i.zip70k2003-07-13SONARC v2.1i - Digital Audio Compression Program
sofcomp2.zip31k2003-07-13RESOF v2.0/DESOF v2.0 - Archiving util
solvepwd.zip4k2003-07-13ARJ password solver
spack20.zip141k2003-07-13SuperPack v2.0 - Freeware packer (in German)
splint.zip22k2003-07-13Splint v2.1 beta - Data compression program
splitten.zip298k2003-07-13SPLITTEN 95 v1.1 - Data/Archive File Splitter for Win95/NT
squash.zip19k2003-07-13Squash v1.21 - Packing program for DOS
squeez.zip1422k2003-07-13Squeez - Win32 Archive Shell
squeeze.zip25k2003-07-13Squeeze - Drag and drop file compressor used with Windows File Manager
squeezer.zip175k2003-07-13Squeezer v1.03 - Exe-Compressor for Win9x/NT/2000
squish10.zip15k2003-07-13Squish v1.0 - Compress Program
sqwez23.zip52k2003-07-13 SQWEZ v2.3 - Packer
sqz1083e.exe116k2003-07-13SQZ v1.08.3 - Packer
sqz1084.exe118k2003-07-13SQZ v1.08.4 alpha without dox
srchzr14.zip33k2003-07-13SeaRCHZIPRar v1.4 - Util for looking for files inside ZIP and RAR archives
sseries.zip214k2003-07-13The S Series - Sound File Compressor
st4_100.zip162k2003-07-13DOS executables for an order 4 blocksort program
stix.zip49k2003-07-13STIX - Decompressor for Stirling InstallShield
stnpeer.zip8k2003-07-13Stone's PE EXE Encryptor v1.13 Remover
strdtzip.zip1294k2003-07-13StarDotZip v1.0 - Archive Management Tool for Win95/98/NT
strpr101.zip35k2003-07-13StripReloc v1.01
stuff75l.exe4162k2003-07-13StuffIt v7.5 for Win9x/NT/2K - File compression util handling Windows ZIP, Macintosh Stuffit/SIT and Unix tar/gzip formats
sunrar.zip79k2003-07-13UnRAR for Sun_Os 5.6, Unix system V rel.4
sysodeco.zip34k2003-07-13SYSODECO - Decompressor for SystemSoft BIOS flash images
syspack.zip14k2003-07-13Syspack - Compression util for device driver files
szchek11.zip28k2003-07-13SmokCHEK v1.1 - Check Archive Files for Errors and Viruses
szconv11.zip19k2003-07-13SmokCONV v1.1 - Convert Archive Formats
szdesc11.zip21k2003-07-13SmokDESC v1.1 - Find File Descriptions within Archives
szip112a.zip71k2003-07-13SZIP/SUNZIP v1.12a for Win32 - Compression program
szip_111.zip69k2003-07-13SZIP/SUNZIP v1.11 - Compression program
szipw18.zip272k2003-07-13Super Zip for Win3.x v1.8 - Zip compatible packing utility
szview11.zip18k2003-07-13SmokVIEW v1.1 - View List of Files within Archive
t-xc-200.exe111k2003-07-13Terminate Multi-Unpacker Command Line Tool
tar-fix.zip9k2003-07-13Program for salvaging info from damaged TAR files
tar321#4.zip189k2003-07-13Portable TAR v3.21 delta - executables for DOS and SRC
tcm100.zip114k2003-07-13The Compression Maximizer v1.00 - ZIP archives optimizer
tcn-tp05.zip16k2003-07-13T-Pack public beta v0.5 - COM file compressor
tcom.zip14k2003-07-13Turbo Compressor v0.1
terse.zip91k2003-07-13TERSE v2.1d (OS/2, 16-bit) - Compression utility
testzip.zip61k2003-07-13TestZip v1.13 - Mass tests zip and other archives (for OS/2 and UNIX)
teu182.lzh32k2003-07-13TEU v1.82 - Executable Unpacker
tfw.zip335k2003-07-13TAR GUI for Windows v1.00
tgzsfx01.zip40k2003-07-13TGZ2EXE - tar.gz to exe converter
thd213_0.zip412k2003-07-13THD Pro-Scan v13.0 for OS/2 - File/Upload Tester/Converter
thd_13_0.zip357k2003-07-13THD Pro-Scan v13.0 for DOS - File/Upload Tester/Converter
tia114.zip13k2003-07-13True Date Conversion Utility for Archive Files rev.1.14
tinlha.exe40k2003-07-13Windows LHA file compression/extraction utility
tinyp39.zip83k2003-07-13TINYPROG v3.9 (com/exe compressor)
toexp2.zip10k2003-07-13TOEXPAND v2.00 - Utility to expand multiple ??_ archive files
top4.zip24k2003-07-13Top4 v1.03 - Small compress/decompress util
tp10eshr.zip27k2003-07-13TinyProt v1.0e - TinyProg compressed files protector
tpdezip.zip27k2003-07-13PasZip - Access ZIPs with Pascal sources
tplzh031.zip24k2003-07-13Huffman Compression Engine w/TP Interface v0.31 - IBM version
tppf12.zip18k2003-07-13TinyProg's Password Finder v1.2
tpus.zip3k2003-07-13Updated TPU files (TPUs) for (RJCRUSH utility)
tqban100.zip17k2003-07-13TqBanner - Multiformat banner adding utility
trapr13b.zip4k2003-07-13TRAP v1.13b EXE Envelope Remover
tron130.zip31k2003-07-13Tron Professional v1.30 - EXE file unpacker
tscomp.zip26k2003-07-13The Stirling Compressor v1.3.21
tsfx312b.exe1269k2003-07-13TurboSFX v3.12 - SFX compressed files creator for Win32
tsup160.zip14k2003-07-13TSUP v1.60 - Russian COM/EXE Unpacker
ttcomp.zip25k2003-07-13File compression/decompression utility by SWFTE Int.
typ_d32.zip313k2003-07-13Typ for DOS386 - Archive lister/filetype/packer/cryptor program
typ_dos.arj298k2003-07-13Typ for DOS286 - Archive lister/filetype/packer/cryptor program
typ_os2.zip401k2003-07-13Typ for OS/2 - Archive lister/filetype/packer/cryptor program
tzip.zip2680k2003-07-13TASKZIP v2.10 - ZIP format based back-up util for Win9x/NT/2000
tzipent5.exe1278k2003-07-13TurboZIP for Win32 v5.0 - Compression program
tzxent20.exe1491k2003-07-13TurboZIP Express v2.5 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Compression program
u-arck21.zip192k2003-07-13Archive Checker and Repacker v2.1
uc237b.exe400k2003-07-13UltraCompressor II - v2.37 Beta
uc2pro.exe394k2003-07-13UltraCompressor II - rev.3 PRO
uc2r3.exe240k2003-07-13UltraCompressor II - rev.3 (subset of UC2PRO.EXE - only archiver)
ucfcsu10.zip25k2003-07-13Crackstop v1.0b Unpacker
ucfcup34.zip49k2003-07-13CUP386 v3.4 - EXE unpacker
ucffgupx.zip86k2003-07-13UCF G-UPX v1.0 alpha - GUI for UPX packer
ucfgtr1d.zip51k2003-07-13Generic Tracer v1.Df/Dt - COM/EXE Unpacker
ucfpe113.zip52k2003-07-13Stone's PE-Exe Encryptor v1.13
ucfscan2.zip71k2003-07-13Scan EXE/COM v2.0 - Security Envelopes Identifier
ucfuxsrc.zip60k2003-07-13UX v0.55 - Executable File Expander incl. src code
ucl101.tgz334k2003-07-13UCL v1.01 - Portable Lossless Data Compression Library written in ANSI C
ucp11b.zip540k2003-07-13UCPACK v1.1 - German UC2 Shell for Win95
ucpd101b.zip64k2003-07-13UCPD v1.01b - UC2 Shell for DOS
ucvie111.zip77k2003-07-13UCView v1.11 - UC2 viewer
ue.zip96k2003-07-13UltraExpander II - Free Expander for .UC2 files
ues03.zip21k2003-07-13UES v0.3 - German unpacking shell
ufa000.zip34k2003-07-13UFA v0.00 - DOS Archiver by Igor Pavlov
ufa004b1.zip64k2003-07-13UFA 32 v0.04 Beta 1 - Win95/NT Archiver by Igor Pavlov
uharc04.zip220k2003-07-13UHARC v0.4 - Multimedia archiver
uhic20.zip46k2003-07-13UHIC v2.0 - High-performance 24-bit image compressor
ulha3130.exe277k2003-07-13UNLHA32.DLL v1.30 (in Japanese)
ulhad083.exe132k2003-07-13UNLHA.DLL v0.83 (in Japanese)
ulhae061.exe132k2003-07-13UNLHA.DLL v0.61 (in English)
ulp2_226.zip229k2003-07-13Upload Processor/2 for OS/2 v2.26
ulp_227.zip372k2003-07-13Upload Processor v2.27
un-pack.arj31k2003-07-13UN-PACK v1.0 - COM Unpacker
un-tmz.zip10k2003-07-13TMZ files extractor
un.zip8k2003-07-13UN v1.03 - Unarchiver Shell
un21.zip33k2003-07-13UN - Unpack Util v2.1
un2pack2.zip24k2003-07-13Un2pack v2.0 - Anti-Pklite-Packer
unaceami.lha20k2003-07-13UNACE for Amiga
unacedll.zip38k2003-07-13UNACE DLL v1.2b - UnACE library
unacepub.zip30k2003-07-13UNACE Source v1.2b - UnACE Source Code
unarj265.exe96k2003-07-13UnARJ v2.65
unas1083.zip71k2003-07-13UnASPack v1.0.8.3 - ASPack unpacker
unaspack.zip26k2003-07-13ASPack Unpacker v1.0
unaz015.zip48k2003-07-13UNARJZ v0.15 - Unpacker to ARJZ
uncom-k.rar8k2003-07-13UNCOM - Universal COM unpacker
uncom123.zip19k2003-07-13UnCOM v1.23 - Generic COM unpacker by ROSE
uncompr.zip26k2003-07-13UnCompress for MultiArc Total Commander Plugin v1.0 ME
undf1001.zip22k2003-07-13UnDeflate v1.00 Beta 1 - Deflate data decompressor
unesp.tgz9k2003-07-13UnESP for UNIX v0.1 beta
unexe.zip22k2003-07-13UNEXE v1.0 - COM/EXE Unpacker
unhs11.zip14k2003-07-13HackStop Unpacker v1.1
unilucry.zip9k2003-07-13ILUCRYPT Envelope Unpacker
unimp113.zip11k2003-07-13UNIMP v1.13 (source code) - IMP format unpacking routine
unimpdll.zip60k2003-07-13Unimp32.dll v0.04 by HyperBeat Software
unlocx.zip6k2003-07-13Unlocx 5 - Softlocx 5 Unwrapper
unlzx.zip25k2003-07-13UnLZX for MultiArc Total Commander plugin v2.12
unmacit.zip63k2003-07-13UNMACIT - Unsit & Unhqx for Windows
unmes129.zip7k2003-07-13Mess v1.29 Unpacker
unmess.arj1k2003-07-13MESS v1.07 Unpacker
unp411.zip35k2003-07-13UNP v4.11 (universal unpacker of files packed by Pklite...)
unp412b.zip20k2003-07-13UNP v4.12 beta without dox
unpack09.zip8k2003-07-13Unpacker v0.9 Beta by VSF&K from Russia
unpack22.zip870k2003-07-13UN-PACK v2.2 freeware - EXE files analyzer/unpacker
unpacker.zip334k2003-07-13Unpacker v1.02 - Win32 GUI Unpacker for ZIP/RAR/ACE/CAB/BZ2/GZ archives
unpck252.zip47k2003-07-13UnPacker v2.5.2 - PAK, GOB, ZFS, ZWP & WDT files unpacker
unpcom.zip8k2003-07-13Generic COM Unpacker/UnEncryptor
unpes24.zip68k2003-07-13UnPES v2.4 - PeShield Unpacker
unpesh14.zip20k2003-07-13UNPE-Shield v0.14 - PE Shield unpacker
unrar-st.lzh38k2003-07-13UnRAR for ATARI ST/STE/TT/Falcon
unrar250.zip71k2003-07-13UnRAR v2.50 for x86 platform
unrar313.zip368k2003-07-13UnRAR v3.13 for OS/2
unraraix.tgz29k2003-07-13UnRAR for AIX
unrardec.rar29k2003-07-13UnRAR for Linux DEC Alpha platform
unrardll.exe133k2003-07-13UnRAR.DLL for Win32
unrarinst.zip2k2003-07-13UnRAR Installation Script for BeOS
unrarocx.rar52k2003-07-13UnRAR.OCX - UnRAR Control for VB6
unrarsol.rar25k2003-07-13UnRAR for Solaris 7 x86 platform
unrarsrc.rar83k2003-07-13UnRAR Source Code
unrarsrc.tgz109k2003-07-13UnRAR Source Code
unrarw32.exe132k2003-07-13UnRAR (executable) for Win32
unrose.zip12k2003-07-13UnROSE v0.32 - 386 EXE Unpacker
unsdw386.zip9k2003-07-13SDW Encryptor Remover
unsit30.zip17k2003-07-13UNSIT - StuffIt Archive File Extractor for DOS
unsitins.exe131k2003-07-13UNSTUFF v.11 for DOS compatible computers
unspis10.zip24k2003-07-13UNSPIS-SPIS LZH de-archiver by Luchezar Georgiev
unsqz.zip16k2003-07-13UNSQZ - The Batch Unsqueezer
untar114.zip36k2003-07-13UnTAR v1.14 for DOS
untgz095.zip160k2003-07-13UnTGZ Decompression Utility v0.95
untiny.rar253k2003-07-13UnTiny rel.23 - Unpacker Package by ROSE
untpack.zip3k2003-07-13UNTPACK v1.00 - T-Pack unpacker
unxlink.arj16k2003-07-13UNXLINK - Decompressor for XLINK v2.02 by Jinx!/TC
unxorer.zip11k2003-07-13UnXorer v0.1 - Xorer Unpacker
unz532d.zip88k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.32 - Win3.x DLL
unz542x5.zip148k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.42 - Linux executables
unz54nlm.zip88k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.40 - Novell NLM
unz550d2.zip182k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - OS/2 32-bit DLL and header
unz550dn.zip193k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - Win95/NT (Intel) DLL
unz550x.exe169k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - DOS executables
unz550x.zip152k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - Linux executables
unz550x1.exe219k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - OS/2 16-bit execs
unz550x2.exe249k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - OS/2 32-bit execs
unz550x3.exe244k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - DOS execs for 386
unz550xn.exe317k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - Win95/NT (Intel) execs
unz551b.zip1213k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.51 beta - Generic C sources
unzdl206.zip84k2003-07-13UNZIPDLL.DLL v2.06 - UnZip DLL library for Windows
unzip2d.zip46k2003-07-13UNZIP2D - ZIP to directory unpacking utility
unzip302.exe853k2003-07-13UnZip Wizard v2.00 - UnZip Util for Windows
unzip550.zip1196k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 - Generic C sources
unzip95s.exe479k2003-07-13Flash Point Windows UnZIP95 rel.
unziper2.zip77k2003-07-13Softuarium UnZipper v2.0 demo - ActiveX Control
unzipper.zip94k2003-07-13UnZipper for Windows beta - Unzipping Utility
unzphist.zip119k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's history
up.zip12k2003-07-13UP - Universal Compressed Executable Files Decompressor
upack10b.zip16k2003-07-13UPACK v1.0b - ARJ,ZIP,RAR,UC&JAR Unpacker
upc111.zip7k2003-07-13UPC v1.11 - Executables Unpacker
upx124d.zip182k2003-07-13UPX v1.24 - Executable packer (DOS version)
upx124l.tgz153k2003-07-13UPX v1.24 - Executable packer (Linux version)
upx124w.zip123k2003-07-13UPX v1.24 - Executable packer (Windows version)
upx_gui.zip141k2003-07-13UPX v1.01 with GUI - Executable packer
upxg.zip247k2003-07-13UPX Graphical v1.26 - GUI for UPX v1.24 by Dirk Paehl
upxgui07.zip84k2003-07-13UPX GUI v0.7b
upxpr101.zip8k2003-07-13UPXPR - UPX v1.01 compressed files patcher to prevent unpacking
ur2_100b.exe47k2003-07-13UnRAR for OS/2
urarshel.exe25k2003-07-13UNRAR Shell - Freeware GUI with mouse support
usbc969d.zip148k2003-07-13UnSBC v0.969 beta for DOS - SBC Unpacker
usbc969w.zip99k2003-07-13UnSBC v0.969 beta for Win32 - SBC Unpacker
usearj50.zip50k2003-07-13USEARJ v5.0 - ARJ Shell for DOS
uu214.exe110k2003-07-13Universal Unpacker v2.14 - German version
uu214e.exe109k2003-07-13Universal Unpacker v2.14 - English version
uundo.zip14k2003-07-13Universal Undo v1.0 - Universal Unpacker
uup14.zip14k2003-07-13UUP v1.4 - Universal exe-file UnPacker
uzc6130.zip632k2003-07-13Ultimate ZIP Cracker v63.0 for Win95/98/NT/2000 - ZIP Archive Password restorer
uzpc360.zip79k2003-07-13Ultra Zip Password Cracker v3.60 - Zip password recovery tool
uzs550d2.zip193k2003-07-13InfoZip's portable UnZip v5.50 for OS/2 with unShring support - Source code
uzs550x2.exe341k2003-07-13InfoZIP's portable UnZip v5.50 for OS/2 with unShrink support
vacuum.zip11k2003-07-13Vacuum v0.01c - COM compressor
vbdlh02.exe134k2003-07-13File compress/extract util using UNLHA.DLL
vblha1.lzh24k2003-07-13VB LHA.DLL programming sample source code
vdluh132.zip19k2003-07-13Unprotect Hackstop v1.32
vibep103.zip153k2003-07-13VIBEPACK v1.03 beta - Arj/PkZip/Rar Win3 Shell
vice140.zip1515k2003-07-13Vice v1.40 - JAR archiver graphical interface
vocpak10.zip15k2003-07-13VOCPACK v1.0 - Lossless 8-bit sound compr/decompression util
vzip12.zip18k2003-07-13View Zip v1.2 - Tiny ZIP Viewer
vzip150.zip934k2003-07-13VisualZIP Pro32
vzr47.zip1022k2003-07-13Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor v4.71
w32intro.zip27k2003-07-13Win32Intro v0.71 - Universal Win32 Executable Unpacker/Dumper
wace132.exe1904k2003-07-13WinAce Archiver v1.32 (latest non-beta release) for Win95/98/NT
wace22.exe2761k2003-07-13WinAce Archiver v2.2 for Win9x/NT
wace22d.exe2759k2003-07-13WinAce Archiver v2.2 for Win9x/NT - German Edition
wace25rc.exe3146k2003-07-13WinAce Archiver v2.5 RC for Win9x/NT
warpzip.zip948k2003-07-13WarpZip v3.5 - OS/2 file unarchiver
wavarc11.zip139k2003-07-13Waveform Archiver v1.1
wavpack.zip77k2003-07-13WAVPACK Lossless 16-bit Wavefile Compressor v3.2
wbcomp.zip158k2003-07-13BCOMP v0.1 for Windows - LZW based packer with GUI
wczip10.zip13k2003-07-13Wild Card Zip v1.0 - PkZip Add-on
wd107e.zip768k2003-07-13WinDIZ v1.07 - File_id.diz extractor for Win95/NT
wexpand.zip24k2003-07-13Bill Reid's WinExpand 16-bit - Microsoft's LZW Compression Scheme Decompressor
whatis.zip20k2003-07-13Utility to identify the archive type of a file
whatz23.zip4k2003-07-13WHATZIP - ZIP archive version identifier
wic06b.zip28k2003-07-13Wavelet Intelligent Compressor v0.6b - It's only a joke - please don't delete original files !!!
winarc20.zip127k2003-07-13WinArchi v2.0 - Compress tool from Poland
winarj32.zip1183k2003-07-13WinArj v8.00 - Archive Shell for Win32
winarj98.zip1380k2003-07-13Winarj98 by LA Soft - ARJ shell
wincab.zip226k2003-07-13WinCAB v1.5.1 - Windows util to create CAB files
windizzy.zip236k2003-07-13WinDIZ v1.2 - File_id.diz extractor
winexpan.zip267k2003-07-13WinExpand v1.0 - Windows Interface to MS DOS Expand Compressor
wingz12.zip50k2003-07-13Windows GZip - GZIP/GUNZIP utility for Win95/98/NT/2000
winjar22.zip1217k2003-07-13WinJar v2.23 - GUI for Jar32 compressor
winlite1.zip237k2003-07-13 Winlite v1 - Windows executable files packer
winrarse.exe454k2003-07-13Swedish Language Pack for WinRAR compressor
winzip31.exe614k2003-07-13 WinZip v6.3 (SR-1) for Windows 3.1 & Workgroups
winzip81.exe1853k2003-07-13 WinZip v8.1 SR-1 for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000
wiz401.zip352k2003-07-13WizUnZip v4.01 source code
wiz401x.exe322k2003-07-13WizUnZip 16-bit UnZip v4.01 DLL + docs
wiz502.zip1025k2003-07-13WizUnZip 32-bit UnZip v5.02 src + DLL
wiz502xn.exe468k2003-07-13WizUnZip 32-bit UnZip v5.02 DLL + docs
wlh7021.zip1088k2003-07-13LH7/Windows 95/98/NT Compression Tools v0.21
wnimp121.exe313k2003-07-13WinIMP v1.21 - File archiver for Win9x/NT
wp37beta.zip68k2003-07-13WavPack v3.7b (32-bit beta) - Sound compressor
wpack32d.zip1294k2003-07-13WinPack 32-bit - Archival Utility for Win95
wpackd.zip470k2003-07-13WinPack v0.96beta - Archival Utility for Windows 3.1
wr300hr.exe945k2003-07-13RAR v2.80 for Windows (32-bit) - Croatian Edition
wr300lv.exe967k2003-07-13RAR v3.00 for Windows (32-bit) - Latvian Edition
wr300sr.exe1067k2003-07-13RAR v3.00 for Windows (32-bit) - Serbian Edition
wr310sc.exe940k2003-07-13RAR v3.10 for Windows (32-bit) - Simplified Chinese Edition
wr311ba.exe966k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Bosnian Edition
wr311bg.exe987k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Bulgarian Edition
wr311br.exe1012k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Brazilian Portuguese Edition
wr311by.exe1038k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Belarussian Edition
wr311cz.exe982k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Czech Edition
wr311dk.exe965k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Danish Edition
wr311el.exe969k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Greek Edition
wr311es.exe977k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Estonian Edition
wr311fi.exe965k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Finnish Edition
wr311fr.exe978k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - French Edition
wr311hb.exe964k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Hebrew Edition
wr311hu.exe995k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Hungarian Edition
wr311lt.exe996k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Lithuanian Edition
wr311mk.exe965k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Macedonian Edition
wr311nl.exe1015k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Dutch Edition
wr311no.exe965k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Norwegian Edition
wr311pl.exe928k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Polish Edition
wr311pt.exe961k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Portuguese Edition
wr311ro.exe1015k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Romanian Edition
wr311sk.exe1154k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Slovak Edition
wr311sl.exe970k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Slovenian Edition
wr311sp.exe977k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Spanish Edition
wr311sw.exe965k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Swedish Edition
wr311tc.exe965k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Traditional Chinese Edition
wr311th.exe965k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Thai Edition
wr311tr.exe919k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Turkish Edition
wr311uk.exe988k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Ukrainian Edition
wr311uz.exe934k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Uzbek Edition
wr32b1i.exe1023k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-1 for Windows (32-bit) - Italian Edition
wr32b2hu.exe1011k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-2 for Windows (32-bit) - Hungarian Edition
wr32b2j.exe1040k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-2 for Windows (32-bit) - Japanese Edition
wr32b2k.exe1012k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-2 for Windows (32-bit)- Korean Edition
wr32b2nl.exe1040k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-2 for Windows (32-bit) - Dutch Edition
wr32b2pl.exe941k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-2 for Windows (32-bit) - Polish Edition
wr32b2ro.exe1016k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-2 for Windows (32-bit) - Romanian Edition
wr32b3br.exe1039k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - Brazilian Portguese Ed.
wr32b3fr.exe1001k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - French Edition
wr32b3lt.exe975k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - Lithuanian Edition
wr32b3pt.exe985k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - Portuguese Edition
wr32b3sk.exe1196k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - Slovak Edition
wr32b3sw.exe984k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - Swedish Edition
wr32b3tc.exe971k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - Traditional Chinese Ed.
wr32b3tr.exe942k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - Turkish Edition
wr32b3uk.exe1014k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - Ukrainian Edition
wrar29al.exe727k2003-07-13RAR v2.90 for Windows (32-bit) - Albanian Edition
wrar310a.exe1017k2003-07-13RAR v3.10 for Windows (32-bit) - Arabic Edition
wrar311.exe942k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - English Edition
wrar311d.exe925k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - German Edition
wrar311i.exe996k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Italian Edition
wrar311j.exe1018k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Japanese Edition
wrar311k.exe992k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Korean Edition
wrar311r.exe997k2003-07-13RAR v3.11 for Windows (32-bit) - Russian Edition
wrar32b3.exe965k2003-07-13RAR v3.20 beta-3 for Windows (32-bit) - English Edition
wrip107.zip132k2003-07-13WinRip95 v1.07 - ZIP/ARJ/RAR packing/unpacking shell
wshell25.zip272k2003-07-13WinShell v2.5 - ZIP, UUE & PGP Shell for Win
wtar15u.zip149k2003-07-13WinTAR v1.5 - TAR for Windows (16-bit version)
wtar206u.zip704k2003-07-13WinTAR v2.06 - TAR for Windows (32-bit version)
wtar221u.zip711k2003-07-13WinTAR-SCSI v2.21 - TAR for Windows (evaluation copy)
wwmut10.zip6k2003-07-13WWPACK Mutation Engine v1.00
wwp304a.zip156k2003-07-13WWPACK v3.04a - Superb Polish executable files packing software with its own shell
wwp304ag.zip160k2003-07-13WWPACK v3.04a - German version
wwp305b5.zip110k2003-07-13WWPACK v3.05 beta5
wwp32120.zip661k2003-07-13WWPACK32 v1.20 demo - Win95/NT Executable File Compressor
wz81fr.exe1916k2003-07-13WinZip v8.1 - French version
wz81gev.exe1836k2003-07-13WinZip v8.1 - German version
wzclean.rar10k2003-07-13WinZip SelfExtract File Recover Util (for recovering damaged SFX files for instance after infecting/cleaning of CIH virus)
wzipico.zip5k2003-07-13WinZip Improved Icons
wzipit23.zip86k2003-07-13WinZipit v2.30 - PkZip based backup utility
wzipse22.exe377k2003-07-13 WinZip Self Extractor v2.2
wzlst124.zip45k2003-07-13Warez Lister v1.24 - Files.bbs creator
x1dos95a.zip291k2003-07-13X1 v0.95a for DOS/Win95 - Packer
x1lig95a.tgz183k2003-07-13X1 v0.95a for Linux (libc6) - Packer
x1lin95a.tgz194k2003-07-13X1 v0.95a for Linux (libc5) - Packer
x1man94j.zip225k2003-07-13X1 v0.94j Manuals
x1nt95a.zip241k2003-07-13X1 v0.95a for NT - Packer
x1os295a.zip215k2003-07-13X1 v0.95a for OS2 - Packer
x55.zip15k2003-07-13X55 v1.3 - X-tractor from Protect! EXE/COM v5.5
x86arc02.rar21k2003-07-13x86arc v0.2 - Util for ARC v2.0 archives manipulation
xaceplus.exe428k2003-07-13XAcePlus v1.8 - Freeware ACE/ZIP/RAR/ARJ... unpacker
xain.zip102k2003-07-13XAIN v0.48 - AIN archives shell
xceedzip.zip1006k2003-07-13XceedZip Compression Library v4.0
xe.zip77k2003-07-13Xpack for Executable v1.4.5 - COM/EXE packer
xfse.zip36k2003-07-13xFSE - Final Fantasy Security Envelope Remover for Win95/VCPI
xmess.zip37k2003-07-13X-Mess - Unpacker for Mess v1.31
xoe33c.zip54k2003-07-13X-Open v3.30 - Exec File Unpacker
xpa.zip55k2003-07-13XPA v1.4.3 demo by Jau Ming Tseng - Packer
xpa167m.zip145k2003-07-13XPACK v1.67m - COM,EXE,SYS, diskette image compressor for DOS
xpa167r.zip35k2003-07-13XPACK v1.67r - Compressor for DOS (without dox)
xpa32.zip31k2003-07-13XPA32 file archiver demo v1.0.2
xpagui.zip341k2003-07-13Xpa v0.93b - Archiver for Win32
xpand101.zip17k2003-07-13XPAND v1.01 - Front-end for EXPAND.EXE
xplus36.exe1624k2003-07-13Xtractor Plus v3.6 - Archive extraction utility for Win95/98
xtrac151.zip63k2003-07-13X-TRACT v1.51 - EXE files unpacker by Pablo Carboni
xtrem106.zip54k2003-07-13XTREME v1.06 - Data Compression Tool
xtri31.zip109k2003-07-13EXTRICATE 3 - Multi-format archive extractor for DOS
xview191.zip138k2003-07-13X-View v1.91 - Online File & Archive Viewer (RA support)
xzxzip11.zip38k2003-07-13XZZXIP v0.11b - ZXZIP Extractor
yaac10.arj109k2003-07-13YACC v1.0 - ARJ password finder
yac102.zip68k2003-07-13YAC v1.02 - Yet Another Compressor from Russia
ybs003fd.zip60k2003-07-13YBS v0.03f for DOS - BWT-compressor based on distance coding by Vadim Yoockin
ybs003fw.zip43k2003-07-13YBS v0.03f for Win - BWT-compressor based on distance coding by Vadim Yoockin
zb12.zip138k2003-07-13ZIP Backup v1.2
zbf122b2.zip24k2003-07-13ZIP Brand FAST! v1.22 Beta 2
zbkup131.zip48k2003-07-13ZBackup v1.31 - PkZip Based Backup Program
zcp301.zip176k2003-07-13ZIP Chunker Pro v3.01 - Archive Splitter
zcr23dn.zip121k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - Win32 DLL (with encryption)
zcr23x.zip355k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - DOS execs (with encryption)
zcr23x1.zip142k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - OS/2 16-bit execs (with encryption)
zcr23x2.zip181k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - OS/2 32-bit execs (with encryption)
zcr23xn.zip180k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - Win95/NT (Intel) execs (with encryption)
zcrypt29.zip20k2003-07-13Info-ZIP's ZCrypt v2.9 - C source
ze163.exe66k2003-07-13ZipExplorer v1.63 - Archive files manager for Delphi developers
zet010.zip29k2003-07-13ZET v0.10b - Russian Packer
zexpl2.zip20k2003-07-13ZEXPL II - ZIP Password Finder
zexpl2l.zip9k2003-07-13ZEXPL II (L ver) - ZIP Password Finder
zfa.zip111k2003-07-13ZFA - Zip File Attacher to Other Files
zfs210b.zip141k2003-07-13ZIP File System v2.1b - Free Pascal library allowing access to compressed files in ZIP format
ziew20.zip36k2003-07-13Ziew v2.0 - Zip File Viewer for DOS
zilite.exe91k2003-07-13Z/Install Lite v1.0 - Compression program
zip22d.zip77k2003-07-13ZIP v2.2 - Win3 (16-bit) DLL Header Files (no encryption)
zip23.zip839k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - C sources
zip23dn.zip105k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - Win9x/NT (32-bit) DLL Header Files (no encryption)
zip23hlp.zip26k2003-07-13Help on using ZIP v2.3
zip23x.zip302k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - DOS execs (no encryption)
zip23x1.zip118k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - OS/2 16-bit execs (no encryption)
zip23x2.zip146k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - OS/2 32-bit execs (no encryption)
zip23xl.zip75k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - Linux execs (no encryption)
zip23xn.zip146k2003-07-13ZIP v2.3 - Win95/NT (Intel) execs (no encryption)
zip24g.zip868k2003-07-13ZIP v2.4g Beta - C sources
zip2dir.zip10k2003-07-13ZIP2DIR v1.00 - Uncompress ZIP files and make dir for each of them
zip_ar26.zip85k2003-07-13ZIP-Archive v2.6 - Compression program (in German)
zip_go52.zip89k2003-07-13ZIP & GO v5.2 - Run from ZIP Files
zipad10.zip19k2003-07-13ZIPAD v1.0 - Adds a specified file into all zip files
zipall20.zip45k2003-07-13ZIPITALL v2.0 - Zip and unzip to and from floppy
zipalot2.zip101k2003-07-13ZipALot v2.2 - Unzipping utility
zipasist.zip473k2003-07-13ZIP Assistant v4.6 for Win95-XP - ZIP manipulation util
zipbuild.exe596k2003-07-13ZipBuilder v1.61 - Advanced ZIP compression software
zipclean.zip423k2003-07-13ZipClean v1.1 - Util for removing unpacked files from ZIP archives
zipcln11.zip19k2003-07-13Zip Clean! v1.1 - Removes unwanted files from ZIP's
zipcon.zip573k2003-07-13Executable ZIP Creator v4.1 for Win9x/Me/NT
zipcrkmq.zip18k2003-07-13PkZip encrypted archives password finder
zipct264.zip809k2003-07-13 RPF ZIP Control for OS/2 v2.6.4
zipcvt29.zip13k2003-07-13ZIP Converter v2.9 (ZIP > max.compr.ZIP)
zipdec10.zip16k2003-07-13ZipDecrypter v1.0
zipdel10.zip19k2003-07-13ZIPDEL v1.0 - Deletes a specified file from all zip files
zipem13.zip45k2003-07-13Zip'em v1.3 - Compressing Tool
zipexplr.zip1189k2003-07-13ZIP Explorer v5.0 - Archive shell
zipfixer.zip110k2003-07-13Zip Fixer for Windows
zipfo201.zip35k2003-07-13Zipfo v2.01 - Zipped file information util
ziphd222.zip478k2003-07-13ZIP-HARD v2.22 - Windows PkZip Shell
zipinf12.zip40k2003-07-13 ZIP file info custom control (VBX)
zipm500.exe406k2003-07-13ZIP-Manager v5.00 - German ZIP Shell
zipman.zip183k2003-07-13Chief's ZIP Manager
zipme13.zip159k2003-07-13ZiPMe v1.3 - 32-bit OS/2 Shell for INFO-Zip's Zip and UnZip
zipmngr.zip132k2003-07-13Zip Manager v1.0 - DLL for handling ZIP compressed files
zipnsend.zip227k2003-07-13Zip-n-Send - Util that zip group of files and send the archive via E-mail message
zipper10.zip327k2003-07-13Zipper v1.0 - PkZip compatible compressing utility
zippi20.zip375k2003-07-13Zippi v2.00 - Compression util for sending files via ICQ pager or E-mail
zippy.zip10k2003-07-13ZIPPY - Backup CMD file for INFO-ZIP utils
zipsc19.zip605k2003-07-13ZipScan v1.9 - File inside the ZIP archives searching util
zipsh_11.exe225k2003-07-13Simple Zip Shell for Win95
zipshell.zip33k2003-07-13Simple Zip Shell for OS/2
zipsol11.zip1615k2003-07-13Zip Solution v1.1 - Corrupted parts of ZIP archives downloader
zipstr15.zip11k2003-07-13Zip Strip v1.5 - Adds/Removes ZIP Comments
ziptouch.zip238k2003-07-13ZipTouch v1.0 - Date/time of files inside ZIP archives modifier
zipvw161.zip96k2003-07-13ZipViewer v1.61
zipw32.zip155k2003-07-13ZipWhacker - UnZip for Win'95
zipwav13.zip1365k2003-07-13ZipWave v1.3 for Win95/98/Me/NT/2000 - Archive Manager
zipwrk26.exe581k2003-07-13 ZipWorks v2.6 - 32bit ZIP File Utils
zipx60sh.zip1305k2003-07-13ZIP Explorer v6.0 - Disk catalog, offline browser and file restore program for Win95/98/NT
zipzag.exe2248k2003-07-13ZipZag v1.44 - Advanced compression tool for Win95-XP by Gabriel Cristescu
zipzap.zip272k2003-07-13PowerTill ZipZap - Zip file manager for Win32
zlib113w.zip87k2003-07-13Zlib v1.1.3 - General purpose compression library (Win32 DLL)
zlib114.zip227k2003-07-13Zlib v1.1.4 - General purpose compression library
zm13.zip32k2003-07-13ZIPMASTER v1.3 - PkZip/PkUnzip front-end interface
zm31-10.zip657k2003-07-13ZipMagic v1.0 - File Compression Utility for Windows 3.1
zm37.zip133k2003-07-13ZipMaster v3.7 - PkZIP Shell
zm51.zip439k2003-07-13Zip Manager v5.1 - Windows ZIP Shell
zm95-10.zip1166k2003-07-13ZipMagic v1.0 - File Compression Utility for Windows 95
zm98eval.exe1692k2003-07-13ZipMagic98 v1.00 Evaluation - File Compression Util for Win98
zms12.zip1046k2003-07-13Zip Management Suite from Noble Ox Software
zmw95.zip320k2003-07-13ZipMaster v1.1 for Windows'95
znav203.exe617k2003-07-13FlashPoint Windows ZIP Navigator rel.2.03
zoo210.exe72k2003-07-13ZOO v2.10 - Packer
zpdisk21.zip16k2003-07-13ZIPADISK v2.1 - ZIP File Manager
zpeek10.zip511k2003-07-13Zip Peeker v1.0 for Win9x/NT - ZIP management utility
zpf.zip483k2003-07-13Zip Password Finder v1 for Win9x/NT
zpro227.zip452k2003-07-13 ZIP'R Pro For DOS v2.27
zprow225.zip625k2003-07-13 ZIP'R Pro For Windows v2.25
zrb1_0.zip147k2003-07-13ZRBACKUP - Backup program using PkZip
zsfx13.zip157k2003-07-13ZSFX v1.3 - TGZ-SFX File Creator for DOS/Win32
zsp150.zip668k2003-07-13ZipSplitter v1.50 - Util for splitting large archive file into smaller self-restoring parts
zt283.zip125k2003-07-13Zip Tool v2.83 (splitting, joining...)
ztv4ud4.exe1614k2003-07-13ZipTV Compression Suite v4.6.0 for Delphi 4
ztv4ud5.exe1730k2003-07-13ZipTV Compression Suite v4.6.8 for Delphi 5
ztv4ud6.exe1755k2003-07-13ZipTV Compression Suite v4.6.8 for Delphi 6
zxzip.rar45k2003-07-13ZX-ZIP/UNZIP v1.02 - Russian compression util for TR-DOS
zxzip01.rar27k2003-07-13ZX-ZIP v0.1 - Russian compression util
zxzip2.zip49k2003-07-13ZX-ZIP v1.0a - Russian compression util
zz125.zip423k2003-07-13ZipZap for OS/2 v1.25 - ZIP integrated utility (32-bit)
zzip036c.zip35k2003-07-13ZZIP v0.36c - A block sorting compression tool for Win9x/NT
zzlb036c.zip23k2003-07-13ZZLIB v0.36c - Library based on ZZIP compressor